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Fall of sales of PCs and Windows Blue!

That the Windows 8 sucks everyone already knows, but he would be responsible for the biggest fall of sales of PCs this Millennium or the anti-microsoft person in the world would risk have said. The problem is so serious that Microsoft is already working on a major update for windows 8, as it is called by the code name Blue.

It seems the majority didn't like even the simplistic design of the new operating system, Since 1994 We didn't have a fall so great sales of computers and notebooks. Can not help but notice the trend of Microsoft to innovate and miss the hand, as described so funny on that meme below:

Was to facilitate our life, but the metro was very confusing interface. It wasn't for less: a lot of square links and a list of icons that dismantled the structure that existed since windows 95. Innovation? To me it seems lazy design.

The idea of simplifying is not new, included with the internet since its creation. The pages has been with white background, simpler menus and lighter figures. But I had to change to windows logo 7 for these ridiculous rectangles? They're trying to run windows in old Nokia phone?

Sad to remember how hard it was to do the animations of windows 95 at the time when VGA (640×480) was the default resolution. So much for someone, 18 years later, set a color on the screen to send us to the time of the.

The windows desktop 8 looks like an earlier version of windows 7. The first time I've seen so I didn't think I had activated the operating system and they had enabled the “Pirate mode”. It took a while until I realized that there was nothing wrong with my video card, It was ugly anyway: Fullhd the same color.

But what really improved in Windows 8? The boot is faster and there are now option to integrate Email and Facebook (among others) on own interface. Very cool, but these small advantages were totally lost in the many horrible design defects. Still decided to root out the start menu, run and other options that were before within reach of a click, and now irritate users from all over the world.

But some people like the new OS. My old post speaking ill of windows 8 received several comments of simplistic design proponents. It may even be that in tablets the thing gets better, but the biggest proof that most did not approve windows 8 is that microsoft itself is bringing forward the launch of a new big update, the such Windows 8.1 Blue. Who knows, maybe this time they do not recover, because ubuntu and Android are the glue of the PC market for a long time, and if they bite for real soft! Below the links I used for research:,-diz-microsoft

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  1. William Stiebler

    I imagine that the brutal advance sales of tablets is a somewhat more important factor in the fall in sales of PC than the low acceptance of Windows 8.

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