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Windows 8 sucks!

In a Homeric even more crap that windows vista, Microsoft releases an incomplete system, defective, troublesome and unhelpful. Welcome to windows 8!

To start, installed the x 64 version of windows 8 on a desktop computer. Microsoft says that the operating system is made for tablets, sell it as if it were the new utopia personal computer experience. What the hell!

During startup you feel transported to the era of 8 bits. Four diamonds with only one color and a set of balls rolling. This is the harbinger of the crap that's coming.

After a very weird login screen, the user is faced with this interface below clearly suitable for a tablet. But remember, Dear reader, I'm on a desktop computer without touchscreen. What difference does it make click with a mouse in square boxes instead of the traditional icons?

The more complicated is that this screen has no all programs. To access the entire list of what you have installed, click with the right mouse button on an empty space to select the option “all programs” on the bottom right. This means that if you are looking for a program that has finished installing it is quite possible you won't find if you don't know this ridiculous shortcut.

To have the windows screen-of-people you can click the desktop rectangle. Then the traditional screen of icons we're used to from 1995. But everything is not solved yet, There's a lot of trouble ahead!

To start the bullshit there is no start menu! It cost something to put the damn button that has existed since the earliest windows? If you want to run anything can press Win R, What I found to be a great way to keep pretending that the windows 8 is useful for something. Oh! Before someone ask, the ship that appears in the figure below is a file of mine and the bar at the top is the rockedock, have nothing to do with windows 8.

If you take your mouse to the upper right a menu appears ridiculous and badly designed that recalls the days of MSX. In this menu there are configuration options and search for computer. It is totally inappropriate to a screen without touchscreen, a lot of times I'll go with the mouse to close a window and this drug appears. Another defect is for those who use dual monitors and have to go with the mouse over the edge of the screen to access the other monitor, of course Microsoft didn't think of it.

Where is the beautiful and useful windows transparency 7? Went for a walk. The windows menus 8 are made with minimalist form and uncomfortable. If you use a very dark color as the base gets more ridiculous still, the minimize and maximize buttons are almost invisible. Speaking of which, If you change the wallpaper windows automatically changes the color of the Windows, But even that's a dull semi-darkness ridiculous. Someone warned Microsoft that all desktop are at least Full HD?

Where is the shut down of windows 8? I got a lot of time turning off power button direct because couldn't find. I went to Google and found out that you have to go with the mouse on the top right of the screen and, When you see the menu, Click on settings. Then you click Disconnect. Interesting, disconnect is a button within the settings. Crazier could not be.

Windows 8 has a Market similar to Google play where you can download apps. But to say that it is easier to download an EXE install is undo user intelligence. The worst is that the Market of windows has nothing but advertising companies applications and useless stuff. Android gives 10 to zero in this regard.

There seems to be some integration as Xbox on windows 8, but as I don't have Xbox did not serve me anything. The Xbox music works, but it doesn't look like much. Wouldn't it have been smarter to do a music player application for windows 7 instead of redoing the entire operating system?

You can also access your e-mail or Facebook messages in this application in full screen. Once again, needed to be a new operating system to have this feature? Microsoft could not make an application for windows 7 with these functions? The worst is that was very poorly done, is giving me a direct message that the box is not synchronized.

To finish the windows 8 still screwed the compatibility of a lot of applications, a lot of things didn't work and often have to use my windows notebook 7 to use any program that gives error on windows 8. Sometimes the browser resolves to stay muted and my printer does not work properly. A drug!

Windows 8 It was a big waste of time, not added any useful functionality worsened the interface, created problems for drivers and hardware and caused me a few months of headache. Do not recommend to anyone. If the Android swivels in any PC it would win easily at several points over windows 8. The idea of standardizing the interface with the tablet was terrible, was a drug to the desktop and I doubt very much be good anywhere else! Worse for everyone, This is windows 8!

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  1. I got used a lot with windows 8, I'm giving 1 Tip the more: the off button and restart are on my desktop of my windows 8.

  2. Windows Destetei 8, worst programs. Terrible to work.

  3. Already aware of the problems and installed it and when I was using windows 8 in the notebook of a known realized that I made the correct choice. The guy was even embarrassed by the snail's pace and the way all complicated to use. My brother-in-law didn't take a month and did downgrade to 7. Boy those colors plateaus are a horror.

  4. Paulo Guarnieri

    In usability matter nothing compares to Cinnamon interface, present in linux mint. That's the start menu! And resource away from hitting screens the mouse pointer in the corner of the screen? I only use windows still because of the applications, have more programs for video editing, audio editing, to do my dvds and custom cds, If this on linux to make it the way I want, retire the Windows. Use Windows 7 with the StartMenu program X, an amazing application to customize the start menu, and can leave almost like Linux, divided into categories, companies not.
    Windows 8 is a joke, always a screen filling all monitor, sometimes opening of nowhere, just because you move the mouse, hiding the open applications, confusing the user. I hate that the hide opened applications, Why disable in W7 Windows stacked in a square, and with the íconezinhos near the clock always appearing.

  5. Sayuri maria

    I agree with this assessment. Even the guy who sold the computer for me,She said it was better windows 7 and windows 8 was not selling and the people uninstalling. In my case I'm not no expert and don't want to be wasting time in learning the inovacoes,prefer windows 7 anyway,or apple which are more easy to move .
    I respect people that like windows 8 but not everyone is a developer.

    • I use windows today 8.1. Was faster than the 7 and does not have the color problems. Or I got used to the weird colors…



  7. Windows 8 the biggest crap ever created by microsoft

  8. Flavio Salles

    I agree with the post!
    I bought a laptop with i3-2328 and came with W8, I'm enfezando. The W8 does the note be too slow for the configuration that I have, make tasks a notebook STI with Celeron and XP sometimes faster than this new, I thought it was very bad, a tablet or a Smartphone can tie work, but I'm about to change pro Xp or 7.

    • This slow I didn't see no. Because otherwise I wouldn't have taken the win8 testing more than three months. I think maybe it's a problem in the installation or hardware. Better install windows 7 and check…

  9. Francisco Suaid Suaid

    So spoke nonsense, surely must be an Ayatollah of the lixuz

    • I might have exaggerated the claims of windows 8, but make sure that if I were to speak ill of the linux text would be even more acidic.

      At least windows, both 7 as the 8, they were made to work. Linux looks like it was designed to give cause problem…

  10. Adriano, I'm open to innovations, but I agree with you on everything… Because the damn thing called Windows 8, innovations that actually interested, simply do not exist !!! This shuffle icons, Add design, no cutesy stuff and make people pay for something they already had and knew move is the end of the world !!! Can't wait till Google stunt and again and fund the Linux community so that she can get a polishing on Linux and get rid of time this crap from Microsoft…

  11. Elvis Aragon

    AFF that guy inexperienced and closed mind to innovations,
    complained about everything, I upgraded my PC to windows 8 I had no problem with anything unlike,
    I read very quickly with the system, I found it very good today does not change any windows 7 before using the 7 Ultimate, to realize that it is inexperienced when says that when changing the background picture the color of the taskbar and the edges change automatically,
    friend if you don't know how to choose the color, Click with the right mouse button on the desktop go to customize, and below you have the option to choose the same color in windows 7, and was your experience can be irrelevant to other, something else, the text is highly impartial, because the system just didn't work for you, and the Windows Store is new friend still scarce of apps, and you can't compare a store of apps to PC with Google android play thing that doesn't have anything to do, Besides you can't complain of this feature because in windows 7 was absent, and the transparency of the windows 7 where is ?? you didn't know ?? was taken to leave the lightest system ok, Oh and can you put programs on the new start is more advantageous because it has more space, you want me to teach you ?? so will the icon of the program desired folder or right-click and choose the option to set the start menu… In order to spend hours teaching you here, What can not is not knowing anything and leave publishing crap, summarizing kibitzer inexperienced but is that really no one is obliged to know everything of first right ? Yes good luck windows 8 It's all good, review your concepts….

    • Hey Elvis,

      Thanks for the comments, Although not agree as they. I don't like the windows 8 for the reasons presented in the text. Transparency and the design are made, the metro interface is weird too much for a desktop and I tried to choose colors to improve. I didn't think even reasonable.

      I'm not averse to changes, always installed all new SOs by microsoft to test and this was not good. Opinion is opinion.

      I'm not the only one that I think windows 8 bad. Samsung, for example, think windows 8 decreases the sale of PCs:

      Both got odd that Microsoft itself will bring, long before the normal, other windows code name BLUE to replace windows 8. I even warned that there will be start menu!,-diz-microsoft

      I confess I deleted your comment the first time I saw it because I found offensive, and I still think. Nobody likes to be called “inexperienced”, “kibitzer” or who speaks “crap”. But the second time the comment showed up I decided to keep it to register an opinion different from mine, which is great for the Blog. We just have to agree to disagree on this point and live in the best possible way.

    • Heine Victal

      I respect your opinion, but windows 8 It is really a crap that only brings anything new on visual part and for worse. Like innovations but isn't any crap that I like, innovation suggests something better and cooler than. Microsoft made a mistake with the Millenium, with Vista and repeats the mistake with the W8. This operating system only serves to raise more money.

    • Edivaldo Alcantara

      Use computer since 1995 (Windows) Informatics technician since 2002, Since systems analyst 2010 use linux since 2003 I agree with the post windows 8 is the worst full of difficulties that existed before, based on that most users are lay people in informatica and need m system easy to use. the WIN 8 is less friendly to all the highest learning curve and less agile especially for those who do not have a touch screen. It's an innovation no doubt, but not every innovation provides. No wonder that this being a sales failure. and dropped even further the sale of pcs worldwide.

  12. Aldo mendes filho

    Windows 8 Pro for those who like shit is a full plate….

  13. in good … I hated windows 8 … everything got worse and complicated .. in my opinion , the best system ever created was the Windows 7 … and soon after him XP … but this 8 .. made it worse … even the PC programs .. is with the same interface of tablets for example ..
    Microsoft trying to copy Google ? Windows 8 x Android ?

    • If it's windows against android lose ugly. Microsoft loses in the tablet and Android on the desktop.

  14. This business of losing more time updating and changing drivers to match the operating system, instead of actually taking advantage of the facilities of the PC, for me it was already. Or the system works round or I keep the previous. That is my beef with the Linux also that makes upgrading a drama.

    There's another detail: The only thing that connects me to the W8 is the quick launch. But this doesn't happen every time. You just move in any configuration of the system so that on the next boot it takes as much or more than Seven. He enters the boot screen written something like Preparing the devices, and after a string of ridiculous teaching screens as well using the new interface. All this to disguise the delay in shipment, in this case is greater than in Windows Seven.

    If the dual boot is enabled, each time you switch between the sisops will also run this presentation at the beginning of the W8, leaving the boot well slower than in Seven.

    • On my PC the windows loading 8 seems a bit faster than on Windows 7. Even so, I don't think it's worth….

  15. Soon after the installation of Windows 8 multiple updates appear to download. As I'm trying to figure out which of these updates will kill the sound from my laptop, I researched on the internet about them and I've seen that several people had to remove the Realtek sound driver to install the update KB2756872.

    In my case it didn't take. Windows 8 installed the update Monster, but after that I lost the sound on Notebook CCE-Win (Sis chipset). I think that's the problem.

    To use the restore point created by the system was critical. First it took forever frying HD, then came an error message. As the circle that overrides the hourglass was still running and the HD light blink at most, I left to see how you could. After about twenty minutes of frying a message popped up that would enter in recovery mode. After a long time came another message that sis. op. had been recovered.

    By errors that you see on the internet that these updates cause, looks like Microsoft has released the W8 without them so that a good impression, and then you have to update it. Then trouble begins…

    • I had some annoyances with installations of updates, but after work round again. The problem, in my opinion, is the interface be bad…

  16. Only the title of test installed windows shit and not left nor for ten minutes really had the impression that I was using a tablet interface ridiculous until the MAC has something similar to start button, the only advantage that I found interesting was the initialization that is a little bit faster, anyone else need a pc inializar 2 in 2 minutes, You should at least be an option to not install this ridiculous screen that in many pcs won't even work, Since microsoft has more creativity to create a good SO it might as well have redesigned and reworked the old XP, because this was a great innovation for the time and even already having 3 successors and systems being boycotted by the own microsoft, was the guy in OS materis, so I agree with plenamete the author of the post

  17. William Stiebler

    That difference of my evaluation. I found the Window 8 sensational. This screen in which appear the installed programs sounds like a Start Menu, only improved.

    • Adriano

      Is a menu start improving for tablet. For a Desktop is messy and unnecessary. Desktop users now has 20 screen ~ 24 inch, a fullscreen app is totally meaningless. For a tablet, Maybe it's a good, but then he has to compete with Android, and that won't be so easy.

    • The Software is designed for TouchScreen. You do not have a screen and says that the system is crap? The guys try to change something that is already getting obsolete, innovating with a totally different system, and someone comes and goes down the wood…Useless review your!

      • If the software was “designed” for he would not allow touchscreen installation without that had this peculiarity. Innovating for innovation, adding defects and not bringing any advantage is not a good idea.

        It's a sloppy system, full of compatibility issues and even with the touchscreen does not present, on the desktop, any advantage over Windows 7.

        The tablet could be a good, but then he has to compete with Android, What will be very complicated.

        • William Stiebler

          Each user has a different experience… I use almost daily Windows 8 by 2 months, I had no problem of compatibility. And when installing it, other than Windows 7, He didn't ask me for any driver!!! Everything just worked. Also quite liked the new task manager and file copy screen, improved lot.

        • On The Desktop, I agree that the Windows 8, running without Touchscreen is horrendous… without Aero Glass so, bye… Tablet ARM with Windows RT, I want distance but, don't get me wrong not… Windows 8 Pro or Enterprise, a Tablet x 86/x 64 (as the Surface Pro) or a Netbook/Notebook/Ultrabook with Touchscreen, give 10×0 on Android or iOS of life. On The Desktop, the best for me, It's just the Windows 7 Ultimate x 64… at least so far.

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