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Remote control air mouse Measy RC11

Since my old Air Mouse broke inexplicably I had to buy another. After some research I ended up buying this below: For those who do not know a Air Mouse, It is a device with accelerometer capable of acting as ...

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Blackmart – the dark side of Android

All applications that are in the Google Market, currently called “Google Play”, are obliged to accept a restricted terms of service. This means that applications of the Market will undertake not to modify system files, don't get permissions ...

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Rapoo H9000 wireless headset

Every time someone makes a purchase on DX from a link on this site I get points that accumulate in credits to purchase any product from the shop. This is the first purchase you make using these credits: a Headset ...

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Saving your 3 g slow with Opera

Your 3 g connection sucks? Mine too. A good mobile internet access exists only in some neighborhoods of some cities. If you are out of range of any good WiFi connection and need to access the ...

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Fall of sales of PCs and Windows Blue!

Windows 8 it sucks everyone already knows, but he would be responsible for the biggest fall of sales of PCs this Millennium or the anti-microsoft person in the world would risk have said. The problem is so serious that ...

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