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Smartphones THL W8, W8 , W8 Beyond, W8s and W9

A great Chinese manufacturer of phones is the THL. As good as the Jiayu or HTC, Although less known. The line of phones W8/W9 recently caught my eye at great price and hardware, combined with the quality of the brand that can compete in the Smartphone market Chinese.

A strange strategy, certainly, is the number of similar versions of the phone W8 released by THL. There are at least four different models. This below is the first of them, with screen 5 inch 720 p, QuadCore processor of 1.2 GHz (as well as the For beige G3s and the UMI X 2), 1GB of RAM and a front/rear camera of 5/12 m pixels.

All the different hardware versions have models in white, black and gray. It's not always easy to find all these variations in stores.

The design follows the model of the Samsung S4, IE, Slim and sleek with just one hardware button (Home). The battery, only 2000mAh hardly survive more than a day of continuous use.

The THL has also launched a W8 version that has the exact same hardware the W8 but the screen is FullHD. In this way, the only difference to the UMI X 2 is being the absence of the Gorilla Glass (present only in the W8s). I think that makes a lot of lack, but the price can compensate for. Below the version W8 :

The led to flash the cameras of all the phones of series W8 is on the left side, similar to the Samsung Galaxy S3 though with the size slightly larger than the S4.

Most reviews of the phones of THL is favorable and the quality seems to be good. Below the photo of the product box:

After the W8 , the THL has also launched the version W8 Beyond which has FullHD screen and 1.5 GHz processor. The score of the series AnTuTu W8 varies between 10000 and 12000, and in the case of Beyond that uses the version of turbo MTK6589t cpu, You can switch from 14000.

Finally there is also the W8s version, that has the same processor Beyond turbo but with 2 GB of RAM, 32GB of ROM and Gorilla Glass. The price difference between the models is small, so it is worth comparing the specs.

The new version W9 is the only slightly superior to models Jiayu G4 or UMI X 2. Has a screen 5.7 inches fullHD with 1.5 GHz quad-core processor. Is a giant phone, that looks more like a tablet. Is this the trend for the future of smartphones?

I don't know if it really is correct, but it seems that both cameras, front and rear, have auto-focus. Seems to be the first phone to put the front camera with auto-focus. The camera is 8 m and 13 m pixels.

The design of the W9 follows the traditional model slim, but only in thickness, logically. Are almost 20 cm tall by 10 wide.

Only the W8s version of this series has Gorilla Glass, What in my opinion is a good idea for a device that is taken in my pocket with keys and other stuff. However, even without Gorilla the quality manufacturer and low price make all these attractive phones even in the competitive market for Chinese phones.

Below I leave links to all phones described in this text, hoping soon some user of this blog, possessing a W8(s) or W9, leave your impressions about this interesting smartphone model.

THL W8 _ 0-Inch-HD-Screen-1280×720-Android-4_1-MT6589-Quad-Core-Android-Phone-p-64777.html

THL W8 -MTK6589-Quad-Core-5_0-Inch-IPS-Android-4_2-Phone-p-71587.html

THL W8 Beyond



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  1. This new model the thl octa core which will have quality if der Dick there is spare parts

    • Malfunction, screwed. There's no replacement or parts or anything. Is not very different from those sold in Brazil.

  2. Personal talks, I bought a W8s. I have a blog and I'm doing a review of this product. I will be sending the link so they can follow. Thanks!

    • You can leave the link. If you want to publish a post here and leave the link to your blog will be welcome. If you want we can trade links, you leave a link to the TudoVemdaChina and I leave a link to your blog on the main page.

  3. the site of tell the w8s pandawill has gorilla glass…

  4. Have you ever heard of Zopo c2 plus ? would post something about him ?

    • I've heard Yes. There's also the C3 and C2 platinum (that seems to be this c2 ). I'm preparing a text on them…

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