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Let's talk now about a great shopping site in China: the Banggood.

Online Shopping for Cool Gadgets, RC helicopter   Quadcopter, Mobile phone, Fashion at Banggood

Although not widely known, and with a little weird name in Portuguese, This is a pretty reliable store with many different products. As big as the largest in China.

Banggood New Arrivals - Latest and Greatest

Every day, four products enter into promotion at the store Banggood. If you check the site daily may end up finding a great bargain on the link deals the main site.


The community of users of Banggood is very extensive. Several customers post daily pictures and videos of your purchases. Not all the video speaks well of the product, logically, but it's great to realize that the store is fair and won't cut negative reviews.


As the store sells clothes and beauty products, There is also a page called Outfits to show the “looks” users send using the products.

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The Forum It is also very extensive, great to resolve questions and problems that may occur.

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For those with websites and blogs the most important is the link to the Affiliate Banggood that works similarly to most Chinese sites. You let a special link to a product on your site and every sale earns you of 3 to 8% This value in credits to spend in the store. The TudoVemDaChina won several free products on Chinese sites using this strategy!

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The Banggood accepts PayPal as a method of payment and so can use any international card to pay. The common Shipping is always free, already registered is free from a purchase of 20 U.S. dollars. I recommend always using the registered shipping on any purchase, so that always knows where the package across your path.

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A Banggood feature that I found great is the packaging system. Fragile products are removed from the original package and placed in protective styrofoam. It is a good idea! The common packages of tablets and mobile phones were not made to the lack of care of the post office. The decision to use this type of packaging is defined by the type of product purchased, so there will always be that you will receive this styrofoam in your home.

The Banggood shop is a sponsor of the site TudoVemDaChina, What in no way modified the opinions registered. If I had to speak ill I would, make sure. Remember that to be done a review of a store requires a minimum number of purchases with success and without any problem.

I didn't know the store and I use it often. The community is quite large and the reviews are very helpful. The price is great and the packaging is very reliable. Don't buy anything without first taking a look at Banggood!

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  1. Cicero Laurentino France

    Desire and electronic tools

  2. Good afternoon,

    I made a purchase of a cell phone on the site baggood, on the day 24/06/2016. For being my first purchase, I'm afraid not have bought anything on the site. This purchase, already in the tracking status, anyway they me generating the code, I am not able to trace the product. Can I really trust the site??

    • Adriano

      In just four days the screening should not still be working. Wait a little longer. Until today nothing I bought in Banggood no longer arrive or arrived broken. They are reliable Yes.

  3. Mauritius Old

    I was surprised to see that now the shipping is charged for Brazil…

  4. Because in SP I think the same but cheaper phones.??? – Who resells it pays to bring China and risk being taxadp?

    • If you think the phone in São Paulo for the same price, of course it doesn't pay. Here the river is common to find only the S3 and S4 imitations and others that isn't worth it.

  5. Mauritius Old

    Now the post is in the air!!! I would like to share my experience with this shopping site, I've met through this blog. On the day 04.06.2013 I bought a coat for me, a purse for my wife and a few stickers for nails to complete the value to have the tracking number. On the day 09.06.2013 the package was posted in china and to my surprise, on the day 25.06.2013 the package was delivered to my house, in about twenty days from purchase to delivery. The surprise didn't stop there, the packaging was the protection order (paper envelope with bubble plastic on the inside and a plastic envelope covering all) and the quality of the products made me very happy. I left a review on the products purchased and the same day I received an email thanking the review for the bag purchased. This is what I have to share in the moment!

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