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Making software update in the Umi x 2 Android 4.2.1

Do a software update on a mobile or Android tablet is never a very quiet operation. There are always risks involved. You should remove the partition data “\date” and “\cache”, clean the dalkik cache, and install again the Android inflating a zip file directly on the phone. There is always a small risk of causing trouble on the device, including disabling it for good.

In my case I had no choice. My phone UMI X 2 had problems connecting with 3 g network of vivo and a software update could help. After much reading on the subject came to the conclusion that the best way to update the Android on UMI X 2 It was via Clock Work Mod, a recovery software that makes the cleanups and updates easily.

If you plan to do the update of your phone UMI x 2 from the instructions in this text so pay ATTENTION! This should not be done unless you have a backup of your phone info (data, pictures, documents and other). Be also aware that it is possible to disable the device in the process, Although this is unlikely to occur if the instructions are made with care. Use this guide only at your OWN RISK!

The first thing to do is download the Clock Work Mod (CWM). It is different for each phone so don't try and download a generic. I used This file described This link. Download then the file “recovery.img” and place it in the root directory both the SD card and the internal memory of the phone.

If you want to update the Android, or as we say often ROM, You must then download it to the SD card from your phone. There are many different Android ROMs for the cell phone X 2 on the site UMI NeedROM. I used the newest I found, available This link (Update 07/17/2013). Download the ROM and put it in a directory on the SD card.

After download the software MobileUncle MTK Tools the market and run. You will see the menu of the image below:

This step will install the recovery CWM on your phone, and it won't make any update on Android. Yet if you've come this far and not backed up your phone you're risking losing everything. Needless to say, you need to have Root permissions to do this step.

Before doing anything connect your phone to the power supply or PC. The UMI X 2 does not accept enter in recovery mode without external power supply.

Access then the menu “RECOVERY UPDATE” the MobileUncle and the screen below will be displayed. The first file on the top must be the “recovery.img” What's on your SD card.

If you select the file “recovery.img” the program will ask if you are sure. Select OK on the image below and also asks if you want to reboot into recovery.

This is the screen of the CWM which will appear when the phone is rebooted. If you select the option “reboot system now” the phone will reboot your Android usually, without that nothing has been lost or modified. If you want to come again on this screen, to update the Android or make a backup, You must turn off the phone, plug it in the power supply, holdin' out for the animation of the battery being charged and press “VOLUME ” and “POWER” at the same time.

Within the interface of the Clock Work Mod, with the correctly chosen ROM ZIP file stored on your SD card, You must start the cleaning process (removing previous ROM) in the menu “ADVANCED” and after “WIPE DALVIK CACHE”.

Then you must select “WIPE DATA/FACTORY RESET” and then “WIPE CACHE PARTITION”. Ready, It's all clear to install the new ROM.

Now click “INSTALL ZIP FROM SD CARD” and select the chosen ROM ZIP file. After a few minutes the interface should show the message “ZIP INSTALLED”. And then select “GO BACK” and “REBOOT SYSTEM NOW”.

If everything worked you will have installed a new ROM, IE, another compilation of Android. Hopefully this new ROM may correct errors or problems that the phone had. In my case, began to work better the 3 g phone and front camera became 5 m pixels! I'm much more happy with the phone now, for all the faults that annoyed me were corrected. Good luck to anyone who wants to try the process, as it gives even a certain butterflies!

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  1. Friend, ganhei um celular chinês que meu sobrinho me deu por que ele fez alguma besteira e está em loop infinito.
    Ele é um Lg4 CHINÊS.
    Tem como concertar esse loop infinito?
    Trocar o Os ou outra coisa funcionária e como faço.


  2. arrived today my!
    Please someone help me?
    I'm in portugal and am vodafone, I don't get I can't even send mms(picture messages)

    • Every time I try to send MMS also failed here in Brazil. I think that can be a problem of operator… I don't know how to help in addition to suggest sending photos by email, Facebook or whatsapp. Works much better.

  3. Hello everybody because mine too since I bought the problem and not receiving SMS and not the chip full of SMS because I went on my network and exchanged for a new one and still the same.
    Has anyone any idea that can be?

    Thank you

    • May be problem with the operator. If you have network has to run SMS, is an automatic GSM service. Check with your carrier or try installing a newer firmware in the UMI X 2.

  4. Adriano my baseband is equal to its MOLY. WR8. W1248. MD. WG. MP. V7. F2. P1, 2013/07/10 I have the Live 3 g plus only that my download speed is nothing more than 1.66 Mb in the speedtest, you too have this problem?

  5. Adriano, got my umi x 2 1 GB/32 GB today and I am very happy with it. In the umi put this post with the latest version, to get the Chinese and getting apps some bugs. The front became a camera 5mp and 8mp rear. Commented on NeedRoms that only the stock has 13 mp. So, the quality of the pictures will be changed negatively ?

    • Strange, My UMI uses a stock ROM (I nominate in the text) and the camera is 13mp Yes. Take a look again.

  6. Adriano you know how to uninstall Chinese applications that already comes in the UMI? I can't take any more updates and also text messages, so sending countless messages every day. I've tried to disable them but they seem to be coming back soon as it restarts the phone.

    • Just installing new ROM even. How about looking the ROMs this unit on the site needrom?

  7. Good night Murray, got my UMI X 2, 1,5GHz, 2GB/32 GB. My first Android phone, I have no idea of anything about performance, only through research on the internet. So I would like to know what you think of him today after a while of use? The Wifi signal is binding? Here I tested in some places, He doesn't think various networks that you think my tablet, but when connect is pretty fast speed.

    And the GPS? It's so bad? This discouraged me enough. Another thing is that no beast able to edit/delete address book contacts, I can't find any option for that.

    And even test some games? Downloaded FIFA 14 but ta running very slow, is it because of Full HD resolution?

    The bad news is that I do not understand almost nothing of English, então tá dificil pra mim procurar atualizações e customizações pra ele 🙁

    • Gudivada Barbosa

      I was almost buying the UMI X 2 even though the GPS is good and I use GPS every day practically. But now that you mention that the FIFA 14 runs slow total discouraged because in my G3 is already old Jiayu runs slow d , I found that the Quad Core of Umi X 2 would handle

      • I ran the Fifa 2014 normally, was not slow. I even did some goals! The GPS is bad, but the games ran fine.

        • Gudivada Barbosa

          That good, If all other MTK processors have really bad GPS there Umi X 2 right back to being a good candidate, I've got a lot of questions about what I'm going to buy, in my research I saw over at Gizchina that the Zopo C2 has a GPS a little better than the other, and the Zopo in general have mobile phones with GPS better because their antennas are better and etc… I am seriously thinking now Zopo C2… Another option that I am thinking about is the Newman N2, have you ever had any contact with this smartphone Adriano? just as nothing is perfect your 3 g does not work on 850 MHz frequency which is what I need here in the city where I work.

  8. Hi Adriano. I bought the umi x 2 T and I'm hoping to get. As you are already in possession of a, could you tell me if the screen is resistant? Is before scratch even ?

    • The screen is the best part of the appliance. It is very bright, with high resolution and is also quite resistant to scratches. It is not impossible to scratch it, Obviously, so it's a good idea to put a protection anyway.

  9. Updated my Umi X 2 to the last version that's on the site, but still not receiving sms. can someone help me?

    • It was found with other carrier? If you make calls shouldn't stop doing SMS. Attempt to remove the chip, connect without the chip, disconnect and reseat the chip.

      • The problem of not receiving sms was q in my old samsung phone's duos I had + or – 3thousand sms when I transferred to the umi x 2 stopped receiving sms, Although he did not give any warning of Inbox full, It was just delete all the msg they returned to receive sms. Thank you!

  10. Gudivada Barbosa

    Good Afternoon Adriano,
    I wonder with you after you did the Update of your UMI X 2 the problems involved in the 3 g and Wifi connection that you cited in another post have been resolved?
    And the GPS you tested? I have a G3 and I think the Jiayu bad GPS, but I've gotten used to the constant GPS signal drops just to pick up the phone… As I see that you also have a Jiayu G3 you found the Umi X 2 better or worse than the Jiayu G3?

    • Yes. The 3 g started to work (H and H ) in all carriers. The WiFi was never a problem, then keeps running. The GPS sucks, and still sucks. It seems that there is a FIX on the internet, but I've never had interest in this, I've never used the GPS to nothing.

      The UMI x 2 is better than the G3. The screen is better, has H and the resolution is great. The defects are acceptable considering the price…

      • Gudivada Barbosa

        For me the GPS is of utmost importance, I am looking to buy another phone Chinese because the GPS signal of Jiayu G3 is weak although acceptable, and the man took a tumble and cracked the screen. In fact the only thing I have to complain about the Jiayu G3 are the GPS signal and the lack of 3 g to 850 MHz because in the city where I work to Live uses this frequency and I spend the whole day with Mp3 connection. I ran the Zopo C3 and found bad just by not having Gorilla Glass, the Zopo and Captain S is too expensive! Do you have any other to indicate in the 260 U.S. dollars?

      • Gudivada Barbosa

        Good day Adriando, could test in your Umi X 2 If this really improves the GPS??

  11. Douglas Brito

    Friend, all the roms of the needrom site has not been recognized in the recovery mode, I need to save them otherwise? Another thing some rom also lacks the scatter is there any way to extract them from the rom?

    • The recovery mode you are talking about is the CWM? If the recovery pattern of UMI will only work with the UMI specific ROM even. Best Exchange recovery for the CWM that allows other ROMs, including non-official. To change the recovery for the CWM has to do the procedure indicated at the beginning of the text…

  12. Douglas Brito

    I was able to recover my phone through the sp flash tool, I downloaded a new rom but it doesn't have the zip how do I leave the file as zip? ABS

    • Have a tutorial on the site needrom to use the SP flash tool. I have never used, so I don't know how to do.

  13. Douglas Brito

    Friend, I have a umi x 2 and I'm having a problem that even League. How do I install the rom again. Very much

  14. Mauritius Old

    I can not view the post on the BangGoog…

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