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UMI X 2 – Fantastic phone, but with some defects

Finally got my new cell phone, the UMI X 2. Produced in China and designed in India.

The device looks like a book and the phone comes in second “page”. Only the device, a fountain and a USB cable-Micro USB.

There's the cell phone in box. All apparently made to be the cheapest and smallest possible to simplify the freight.

On the previous page where the cell phone for this list of specifications. Attention to the resolution of the display which is FullHD. The best feature of this phone.

There is the device working and running my favorite Launcher ilauncher, that leaves and iPhone-like interface. The display is 5 inches and as much glare as the angle of sight is very good.

See a photo taken a closer look at the details of the display icons are awesome. It's better than the resolution of most of the tablets, and as good as the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Maybe you can't see in the picture below, but here there is a trellis 5 in 5 pixels:

The contrast and frequency response of the display are very good. Videos on youtube in high quality look better in the UMI X 2 than on my computer monitor.

The configuration menu is colorful following the diagram of cell phones Samsung. There is also ease of WiFi and Bluetooth on and off directly from the home screen.


Android is the 4.2.1, Although not have Swype keyboard native.

The Market works well, as was expected.

As the Android keyboard does not come with Swype, I installed from the Market. Works perfectly. Actually, all I installed worked fine.

The back of the phone has a very good finish, better even than the Jiayu G3. Remembering that the Display of the X 2, as well as the G3, has Gorilla Glass.

The camera is very good, both the back of 13 m pixels as the front of 1.9 M pixels. The flash is a little weak, but that's pretty common in Chinese phones.

On the side we have a power button and a volume.

In the lower part of the microphone and the Micro-USB connector.

Running the AnTuTu have a very high result, Although shorter than I expected.

We have only 11693 in AnTuTu. It may be that with another firmware I can get a higher score, as heard that the x 2 can reach 15000.

This is the detailed score. I left here as compared to the readers of this blog who have this phone.

These are the hardware specifications. Compliance with resolution and 480 DPI. Fantastic! We also have a Quad Core CPU with 1 GB of RAM.

Camera specifications and of RAM displayed by AnTuTu:

An annoying defect, Although not remove any functionality, is the bad lighting of the hardware buttons:

Now a more serious defect: the WiFi reception is not very good, While not the worst I've ever seen. My network, for example, is received with-59dBm to about a metre from the router. Most good cell phones would have a receiving-50dBm. You can use without problems, But if you're away from the router can have some disconnections. I tested the speed and WiFi seemed good even with the weak signal.

Bluetooth works normal as expected.

The phone picks up 3 g networks both in “H” as in “H ”. Also gets 3 g signal in the 2.1 GHz and 900 MHz bands, What does not occur in Jiayu G3.

Below the status bar where you can turn on and off all the hardware of the phone.

Now the most annoying defect: here in Rio de Janeiro I have a Live operator chip with 3 g network access. However, for some crazy reason without explanation, This phone does not receive Live network in some parts of the city. All other carriers (Of course, Tim and Oi) functioning normally anywhere, both in 2 g as in 3 g.

When I set up to use the 3 g network cell alive is no service, not receiving or making calls. I don't understand what the problem, Since the Alive uses the same frequency band of other carriers out of Rio de Janeiro.

See just how strange. This photo below records that I have-69dBm of sign on the HSPA network (3G) The Alive but still can't connect. This signal strength is strong enough to fill all the bars. I don't know why I get no service.

Vivo's 3 g network appears when I set list all operators present, Although not connect or register the network. In some places of the city works normally, What makes me even more worried.

Another flaw is that the battery is not very good, Although higher than most Chinese phones. The length is more or less a day, even with a strong constant use of WiFi and 3 g.

I tried everything to make the GPS work but so far I couldn't, Although I can't give sure yet if there is a defect.

In General, If it wasn't this weird problem with the carrier Alive I would be entirely happy with the UMI X 2. I ended up putting a pre-paid chip from another carrier to use the 3 g and the result was a reliable and fast mobile internet, so good when on any phone brand.

With all the shortcomings I still think this fantastic phone. I will try to look for any firmware update to fix these small problems and, If you cannot, I'm going to change time of operator. All are kinda suck, and that sounds like a great option to keep the appliance and use the network of light, Tim or Hi.

If anyone has this phone comment down here about defects or solutions. Perhaps when more people have the same problem will be easier to solve it. I leave a link below for more specifications of UMI X 2 and also to store PandaWill:

About Adriano

Professor, Engineer and buyer of products crazy China.


  1. OLA, Adriano. Purchase a smartphone THL W8S model, with an optimal configuration, but, the same as you described. In some places the vivo's 3 g not enter. In Rio de Janeiro I haven't had problem, H tunes ,but, work in Angra dos Reis and there , also in some places, I can't receive H , ..other cell phones(SAMSUNG) of friends by my side receive the 3 g vivo , but, my , No. I thought it was my device defect, but, a friend also has the same model and the same.
    using an app called MOBILEUNCLE TOOLS, I searched the interior of the appliance in search of something…and, only mistrusted frequencies (BAND MODE), that are: UMTS MODE: WCDMA-800; WCDMA-CLR-850 and WCDMA-IMT-2000… and in GSM MODE: Gsm850; Pcs1900; Dcs1800 and EGSM900.
    No presents frequency of 2100….I don't know if it's…

    • If does not work on 2.1 GHz frequency shouldn't work the 3 g in Rio de Janeiro, It works on this frequency in most locations. The MobileUncle must be wrong. When you get no signal, Search networks manual and see if you can find any vivo's 3 g network.

      But the solution may be trying to update the firmware, as this is just solving my problem with the UMI X 2.



  3. Alicio N Naik

    My x 2 has arrived, but the postal tracking consists “waiting for withdrawal”.
    Probably be taxed, Hopefully with a value like what you paid Adriano rs

    • Good luck!

      • Alicio N Naik

        A month of use and can't complain. The device is very good for value. As you mentioned the GPS is weak but it works and the night shots are hindered by the flash that seems to light before the photo is beat and get dark. I just had a problem in a day of extreme heat using the GPS/3G in the car. It overheated and went crazy the touch. Turned off td, I removed and battery and I only came back on again later. Since that day nothing happened. This question I think temperature is common on all smartphones. Other than that it's great, Browse quick, 3G normal here, 02 chips working in accordance. I'm satisfied.

  4. Alessandro Affonso

    What store can compare him in installments on the card…. and if it's taxed what would be the value of this tax ?

    • I'm not sure even if you can pay on the card. Anyway, even if it is, must be with interest. If it's taxed they estimate the value of the product and charge 60% the value of the product as import tax. Usually something near 150 real.

  5. I really don't know what's going on with these Chinese, It's a plot against the ALIVE. I bought a N9500 and had to return because it presented this same problem: The VIVO's 3 g not working. There I bought a THL W8 , However presented the same problem: The VIVO's 3 g does not work. What is this madness ? I sent the unit back to the seller, but it looks like he's hiding so as not to receive the paddle, because the post office has already made two attempts at delivery address. If the appliance return have to stay with him anyway. I will try to find a firmeware to see if it helps.

    • I don't think there's any problem with the operator, must just be coincidence. In the case of THL W8 or N9500, which the defect which featured? There was no sign for conversation? I could make calls? Only the data didn't work?

      • I have a w8 with chip alive…..and when I enable 3 g in some places, he drops the voice signal…but, in the city of Rio de Janeiro works well in most places

  6. Whenever my UMI X 2 gets some League I 3 SMS in Chinese of various numbers… Anyone know how to fix it?

  7. I also bought this phone, but in my all g3 work (Tim, Hi, vivo and claro DF and usually with H ) as well as the gps (waze and google maps).
    There is an upgrade on the official website ( that apparently fixes the issue of illumination of the command buttons and other improvements in camera and RF optimization (There's more but the google translator couldn't handle). .
    It is necessary to register to get the link for this update. Gave some work but I signed up and downloaded the upgrade (
    Copy the to the root directory of the phone (If I copy to the root of the sd command “apply update from sdcard don't you think the file)
    Then turn the appliance with vol and power pressed
    Start “wipe data/factory reset” and after “wipe cache partition”
    Start “apply update from sdcard” Select the file
    He starts the upgrade but gives error soon after “– Install/sdcard …”
    The error: ” Signature verification failed”
    Now, the upgrade has been obtained from the manufacturer's website.
    If anyone has any suggestions or tip I'll be eternally grateful ; – )
    PS: There is an installed application called Update System that locates the on your phone and also makes the installation, but unfortunately with the same result.
    Bought mine here:
    Didn't pay tax. only the iof the card.

  8. Rodrigo Rocha

    I have also a umi x 2, and I don't get the gps to work, does anyone have any tips…

  9. good night, adriano was in doubt between him and the thl w8 + and I ended up buying the thl as soon as I get there I will make a post here.

  10. Lincoln Pereira da Silva

    Hi Adriano Moutinho, I bought a UMI X 2 with 2 GB RAM. Your topic is very well prepared, congratulations. I bought my phone by PANDAWILL and didn't pay tax. The phone is beautiful, with amazing hardware for $300,00 (Daria 5 stars of 5). I wonder if you can tell me a professional to solve my case (commercially). I live in Rio de Janeiro, There's no harm in trying. I'll put a short description of my problem. I thank you.

    Chainfire 3d crashed my phone
    I bought a UMI X 2 and this is my first phone with android. I found a thread talking about this apk and just installing it. After the system restarted and not leave name “Android”. I live in Rio de Janeiro and today I went in Uruguaiana in the center of Rio de Janeiro, where there are multiple support technicians. No one knows how to make the recovery of this device (There is no cover for this phone). I didn't root for him. In other threads I've found that to enter emergency mode of my device is necessary to place the phone in the usb cable from the computer, tighten “button” + “volume ”. When the phone call is just drop that appears the android robot. By pressing the “button” again displays a menu with some options. 01)reboot system now. 02)apply update from adb. 3)apply update from sdcard. 4)apply update from cache. 5)wipe data/factory reset. 6)wipe cache partition. I found also a link that offers recovery UMI officer X 2 in zip format, with the tutorial and everything ( 2-romcwm ). Put the file inside the sd card (formatted in fat), and follow the procedure, choosing the option 3)apply update from sdcard. I just believe that what is displayed is not the sd card and the internal memory of the device with the system folders. With this I can not access the recovery file.

    • Braddy. Follow this link:

      There seems to be how to install firmware using a tool from your PC. It might work. Also there seems to be a factory default method that might work: Press VOL VOL- and Power. See the instructions in a post at the link I sent you, It seems that the menu is in Chinese.

      Most of the ROMs they say you must install a recovery before you install the ROM, and this must be done using the mobileuncle software tools (downloaded on the market). Of course that won't be possible in your case in the X 2 is locked on the screen of Android.

      Another possibility to try access the ADB (recover via ADB), but you have to search. I've never done it…

      • I like this mobileuncle tools. As my UMI came root used mobileuncle tools to remove those Chinese who came pre installed applications.

        • I didn't even know that the program removed applications. I used the root uninstaller for it…

      • Lincoln Pereira da Silva

        Professor Adriano Moutinho, Thanks for the help. I ran out of time trying to retrieve the phone and ended up sending back to pandawill. If they resolve the problem (If the phone get there kkk), I put here the solution. If they do not resolve and the phone back bricked (If return kkk) We can use it for testing. I went into the menu in Chinese and had searched, appeared only some commands of hardware test. How to use the ADB was what I came closer to the solution. The phone was apparently located by usb and appeared connected with the color green. Already using the command at the windows command prompt he also answered, just thought it was really complicated. As the Doctor spoke Byte, the strange thing is the command “apply update from sdcard” show the phone directory and not the sdcard. As soon as I get new information return.
        Thanks for the help.

    • I was wondering if, as we live in Rio, We can meet so I can try to solve the problem of your phone. Can you also help me with my power test recovery on a cell phone that is already defective same. How about? We can meet on the river? Send an email to me at

    • I noticed that too. The command “apply update from sdcard” shows the phone directory and not the sdcard.

  11. Congratulations for the site, professor, I wonder if it was taxed the phone, This hard to buy off mainly items from this value due to high dollar and the risk of being taxed, a hug.

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