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JIAYU G4 is coming!

My new phone Jiayu G3 I haven't even got here in Brazil and the Chinese already has the date for the launch of a more modern model, the Jiayu G4, that should be in stocks in shops 15 March 2013.

But of course those are just promises. The predecessor G3 still faces a serious problem of stock and only near the end of 2012 is that users were able to buy it without going into big waiting lists. The announcement of the launch of the G4 was really a big surprise coming from a manufacturer that is barely able to meet the requests of most Grand Lodges.

G4 's specifications are not as fantastic as the G3 release season, but the price is as good as. The manufacturer is also thinking about the low-cost market and will launch the G4 in two models: a simpler called “Basic” with more modest hardware and design thinner and other “Advanced” to fill the eyes of fans.

The G4 “Advanced” have Quad Core processor, 2GB RAM, 32GB of flash memory for videos and music (and a lot more!), rear camera 13Mpixels, 3Mpixels and front of screen 4.7 inches, 0.2 inch greater than the G3.

The version “Basic” the G4 also have the Quad Core CPU but only 1 GB of RAM, 4GB of flash memory and a battery of only 1800mAh, what allows you to be quite thinner than the G3 and the G4 “Advanced” (that comes with the traditional 3000mAh battery). The photo below shows the model “Basic” (White) upon model “Advanced” (Black).

In relation to the G3 changes are: the processor became quad core (It was dual core on G3), the memory becomes 2 GB on the model “Advanced” (It was 1 GB on G3), the screen is 4.7 inches (was 4.5 on G3) and the camera is 13Mpixels (It was 8Mpixels on G3).


The model “Basic” the G4 arrives on the market at the same price of the G3, about $ 200, While the “Advanced” comes out just over 250 U.S. dollars. Both come with the Android Jelly Bean 4.1, What's better than the G3 that still runs the ICS.

But will the release of the G4 will actually occur in March 2013? When the G3 was “officially” released took about 3 to 4 months for which someone could buy it directly without waiting lines. A good estimate is that the G4 will be available for sale without stock problems only near the end of this year. Who knows until then do not throw the G5?

Anyone who wants to buy the pre-release version, the store promises to send from 15 March 2013, You can follow the links below, for versions “Basic” and “Advanced”.

Advanced –

Basic –

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  1. Good morning !

    I bought a G4 for my father and I have no regrets…put in your pocket the Galaxy S2 and S3 Mini…I was lucky and was not taxdo.
    I'll buy one for me…the G4 is sensational…recommend !

    • If you want to do a review here on the site will be welcome. At the top right of the site there is a link for registration. Register and then click Login. Then just login to the administrative side of the site and make your review by clicking on the top left to Add article.

      Leave at the end of the article a link to some Chinese website with your Affiliate Link. So you earn a percentage whenever someone buy the phone.

      If you want to, send the pics to me and your impressions or cell defects. my email is

  2. And as for the G4 GPS??? I've been reading that the G3 GPS wasn't very good…. And it will work perfectly here in Brazil?????

    • There is absolutely no reason for a GPS doesn't work in Brazil, since they are the same satellites. On the functioning of the G3 here in Brazil, I have it three months ago and everything worked, WiFi, 3G, links. I use operators TIM and VIVO.

      I just used the G3 GPS once to test, and it worked. Not sure if it works well in bad conditions, as in the middle of traffic… I'll see if I test and come back here to tell you what I think.

  3. From what I've seen, This device is already diponivel on this site?

    This site would be “reliable”?


    • JA two appliances bought from a recipe one not rate was. The product is available in PRE-SALE that means that are already open sales to get in line. They promise to send only after 15/03/2013 in order of requests.

      Before that no one will send the appliance.

      As the other device that takes on average appliances website 30 What a direct and 50 days that was taxed.

      Already answering the question of other paid R$ 65,00 of tax on a device that I bought.

      • Adriano

        Yes, the store PandaWill is reliable. I've bought several things. The product is in pre-sale and submissions will be made in March, However, some delay is common good. The G3 took almost two weeks to start shipments of the first who bought. The problem is the Jiayu also, that didn't keep the deadline.

        But remember that the product coming from China is “almost” without warranty. If something malfunctions you have to send the product to China and it usually costs money. Have to pay the tax is again a possibility, In addition to the cost of shipping back which is also on your own.

        Always keep in mind the relationship between cost and risk!

      • The battery of these phones has good length? If Yes, how much time on average with 3 g usage, WiFi, etc?

        • It's pretty good duration of Jiayu. Until today I never could unload it completely, considering that carry the phone every day…

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