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SD card reader, MicroSD and other

My old card reader, I had more than two years, just caught fire! No fault of the product, but a source adapter for Sata HD that was close and went into spontaneous combustion. To replace my old reader, and singed, I bought this below.

Has a USB and MicroSD cards, SD, XD, TF and CF.


He keeps a blue led lights up and when there is a led light another card, It's a little violet.

Works better than the old, before ignite obviously. From time to time I had to reboot the computer to make the old back up and running, thing that does not occur with this new. The cards enter unlike, with the contacts facing upwards. Which is strange but not exactly a defect. Those interested in this reader can follow the link below, for the Banggood store:

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  1. There's one in china that's plugged into the pci-express small besides td tb offers usb 3.0

    • I've seen. Currently I have a plate with USBs 3.0 in my PCI express. I couldn't find anything much faster…

      • Is it by adapting? My external hd that has usb 3.0 at the door 3.0 My netbook the difference is striking.

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