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Car radio with mp3

As my old stereo automotive, aka car radio, broke. I bought this on the site Banggood. Attention to the color display shown in box, that has even the PIC album mp3 being played. Pity ...

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Card reader and SIMs C229

As all my burned card readers, for no apparent reason, I decided to buy this it looks a bit more reliable. It is a SD card reader, MicroSD, MiniSD, M2, MMD, MS and also phone SIM cards. ...

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Micro SD memory card 8 GB Kingston

SD memory cards are quite used in several different equipment, Since cell phones, cameras and even portable storage devices. So, It's never a bad idea to have a little more space. A larger card allows more memory for music, videos, applications ...

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Front USB 3 1/2” with card reader

My computer needed more USBs to connect Chinese gadgets and I decided to buy this front panel 3 1/2 inches, that fits perfectly in place of a floppy. Logical that only four USBs wouldn't give vent to the volume ...

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