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Car radio with mp3

As my old stereo automotive, aka car radio, broke. I bought this on the site Banggood. Attention to the color display shown in box, that has even the PIC album mp3 being played. Pity ...

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Front panel with 8 USB ports

Had recently purchased a front panel card reader. Now, to complete, I bought another only with front panel USBs. It has good quality, In addition to more ports that surely will need. In the box we have the Panel and four screws. ...

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Digital clock with wooden appearance

I bought this digital clock well cheap to serve as additional alarm clock. This box comes with a USB connector DC Jack and a manual. The Watch has this appearance of wood. Off isn't like a clock! Works with four piles ...

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USB Adapter-USB 180 degrees

The three or four regular readers of this blog may remember that I tried to buy this adapter before, but I ended up getting another different than for anything served. Finally I hit and reached the correct! This small adapter serves, for example, to connect ...

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Camera for dogs and cats!

A good camera for dog! This would be the product name if it was translated by the same people who make movie adaptations to the Portuguese. Actually, This is a camera to put in dogs and cats. If you ...

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