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Universal support of tablets to support car seat

You know those interesting DVD players that adapt to the car seat for children watch videos? As they are a bit pricey, and somewhat limited, I found this great solution to adapt any Chinese tablet to the headrest of the seat. Introduce a universal support for headrest of car seat.

The pieces are of great quality. Holds very well the tablet.

The back, where there are Rotary locks, hold to the headrest of the seat of the car.

The support fits the small or large tablets, Since 7 to 11 inches. Includes any iPad or Galaxy Tab, IE, virtually any tablet.


Amazing how this support is good. Most of these products suck.

On the back there is a control to adjust the size of the support for your tablet.


Seeing as my tablet 8 inches is secure in this support. This tablet is a Quad Core AW920.

To hold the tablet should paste the side tabs in metals that hold the head restraint. Tighten the bracket looks great stuck.

There is support in position to receive the tablet. I don't leave anything on my car because sometimes stop on the street. It's pretty easy to remove or put the tablet in support.

With 16 GB of internal memory and 8 GB card I can put a bunch of videos to my son watch. Much better than the DVD players.

Below is the way in which the support gets stuck.

Great product, Although a little expensive. But it was worth it. Too bad I have not tested the product because my son is still small. The baby is still facing the backseat. Those interested can follow the link from DealExtreme below: 10-1-7-11-tablet-pc-black-232,673

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  1. William H. da Silveira

    There is a problem I had in the use of the tablet instead of DVD: Absence of remote control. We have some in bluetooth which can control any software media player for android?
    This support takes the Burrowing Owl in our cities? I bought a DVD that used this principle and just detonated in two days of use. Result: I developed a support using insektitsidov leathers and Velcro strips.

    • You can use a USB for PC remote control on Android, as well as a wireless mouse. Doesn't seem practical. If you leave the WiFi on can enable cell phone WiFiAp and creating a wireless network using any softwate control as the droidMote. You don't look very practical too.

      About the brackets, everyone gives problem. I usually hold the GPS/Tablet in the car Panel supported support. Lasts well over…

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