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Dealextreme, or simply, is the best-known and most famous Chinese. It's not the best for any type of purchase, but it is certainly the first to be consulted in any case. I've been online for at least 10 years and is based in HongKong.

Accepts payments via credit card or PayPal. I prefer to pay via PayPal, because no site has access to the number of my credit card. But the DX is reliable, You can make the purchase with a credit card if you want to.

In these last 10 years the site has improved a lot on usability and customer service. However, the service still needs to be done in English, IE, knowledge of the English language is reasonably important to improve your knowledge about the product that you purchase, or if something goes wrong.

What does the DealExtreme be the best, or at least one of the best, is the community. Every day tens or hundreds of users send pictures of products purchased, videos and reviews. When you purchase a product famous in DealExtreme is common you read more 50 comments, some with photos and videos, about the product. This is not in any Chinese site.

Before finalizing any purchase be sure to add the tracking number in “ADD TRACKING #” (photo below). So you will receive a code, starting with “R” and ending with “CN” or “HK” to check in website of the Brazilian Post Office where's your package. It is a good idea so you can complain here of any package lost or sent to the wrong place. The tracking number is $ 1.50 for purchases of low value and only 1 Penny on purchases over $ 15. I never shop below 15 dollars exactly to keep winning the tracking number almost free. Play always with trace!

If you click “ADD DROPSHIPPING”, still in the picture below, the package will come without any indication that it was sent by a store, IE, It will appear a package sent by another person. Don't think this will trick the recipe, are you going to. I click always on “ADD DROPSHIPPING”, But if you do not click probably won't make any difference.

In the picture below we still have the “Enable BulkRate Price”, It might be worth your while if you are buying more than 3 items of the same product. The DealExtreme has a system of discounts for more than three to 10 units of the same product. More than ten unit contains no additional discount, and in case you are interested in purchasing in quantity you should use the site, affiliated to the DealExtreme.

Contrary to what many people think, the Chinese don't delete bad reviews about products. I've done a lot of them. They keep selling products even if many buyers have complained and have registered their dissatisfaction. This is really more ethical than most Brazilian sites.

If you are looking for a product specifically, a good way to check quality and functionality is to look for the DX first. In the figure below, for example, I've been looking for “Tablets” and sent by orderar “most reviews”. In this way the first tablet is what has the largest number of reviews from users that purchased in DealExtreme. Is not necessarily the best, logical, but it's a way to have a good idea of which products are more famous and more purchased.

The DX still has a shopping site called “Deals” or “DXoffers” where they put special promotions. It's worth consulting, many are with great discounts.


The DealExtreme forums are also quite popular. Every product has a forum at the bottom of the page, Although not all have topics. This is a way to complete the information present in reviews (update your firmware, manual or drivers).


Another interesting thing on the site's points scheme Dealextreme, or DX points. When you purchase a product, you earn 10% in points, and each 10 points worth $ 1.00 in products. IE 1% of everything you buy gets you as credits at the store.

To receive the most points you can do a review (2 points), a video showing the product (of 4 to 10 points) or take product photos (3 points). In total you can get a few bucks back for every product you purchase.

To use the points is kind of curled up, but richly explained in the forums. You should make a new purchase, pay and usually before they send must Access This link putting the number of the order. Then you must write in the field “NEW SKU” the SKU number (unique identification of each product) the item that you want to include by using your points. In the field “DESCRIPTION” place “Please send me these items using my DX points”. After a few days they send you an email indicating whether all worked out.

The Affiliate system is pretty cool too. If you have a blog, page or forum you can leave a link to a product from Dealextreme putting at the end of the URL text “?Utm_rid = XXXXXXXX&Utm_medium = affiliate” (without the quotes). Like this, If anyone to buy the product by using this link you can get from 1% until 6% the value in credits.

Sometimes you get even more than that, Depending on the time in which you have to account on Dealextreme or in case of special promotions where it increases the rate of conversion of affiliates. I have already received 200 points in just a purchase made by a user of this blog, that is $ 20 in credits.

The site is reliable and useful. Great prices and very good service. I recommend checking the price of any product on DealExtreme before buying on Ebay or anywhere else. The points system is worth a lot to shame and in the long term will give you multiple products as a gift. Until today I have bought more than 500 different products in DealExtreme and never had any problem, the very few who haven't arrived they gave me my money back. The DealExtreme is the starting point for any good buyer in China. Below I leave the link to the site, as if still needed, and some links to categories and products to 2 U.S. dollars, They also are quite interesting for a first purchase.

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