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Focalprice is a Chinese shop much smaller than DealExtreme but pretty reliable. According to the lengthy discussions on deceased Orkut community, the customer service system in FocalPrice is better than in DealExtreme and in other places of China. But I can't talk much about it, until today everything I bought at FocalPrice arrived and worked without problems.

Were few purchases: only 23 in three years. Already bought since things guys like tablets to nonsense cheap, everything arrived without problems and was posted quite fast. One thing I really like in FocalPrice is that every day has three to four new products on sale in the “Daily Deal”, in the right corner of the main page of the site. Most of what I bought in FocalPrice has been in this system of discounts. Always has great prices.

The “Lightning Deal” It is also nice: a product has a low price and as buying the price goes up. A little crazy, but certainly worth a look.

A pity the reward system be so bad. To win something you should do a review and send the link to them, to analyze the text and give you what they think is worth. Didn't even try to. I would prefer the system of links where you get when a user clicks and buys, that gives a lot more right.

One thing I like about the FocalPrice is passing the mouse for your purchases you see a small image showing the product you bought. Sounds silly but when you buy a lot of stuff this is a great way to organize.

Attention to the tracking number, It's free only for purchases over 20 U.S. dollars. Don't shop without tracking number, or you won't be able to see where your package is to be able to claim on the website of the Office or on the Chinese site even.


On purchases over 20 dollars the tracking number is included.

Attention to the system of coupons, Unlike the DealExtreme is fully functional. Before any purchase pass the sites that give coupons, IE codes of discounts to be typed in the box “coupon” the figure below. Sites such as RetailMeNot, dealcatcher, dealspl and others distribute this code and just look for them. May be specific coupons for the category you are buying, to the product or even generic discount fixed coupons. Try all to find, because it is quite possible that you end up getting a great discount. In the figure below I tried a coupon but was not valid, don't give up!

After much search I found a coupon they gave me 4,26 dollars of discount using code AFFAT15. But don't bother to try this again, they are valid for very little time and certainly have expired by the time you read this text. If you don't find coupons on sites that pointed out try Google.

The system of reviews is reasonable, and one of the problems is that there's a lot written in Russian. I used google translate several times to understand something, but certainly much of the meaning is lost. The DealExtreme not accept reviews of products that are not in English, but in FocalPrice appears all: Arabic, Chinese and sometimes even Portuguese!

Product forums are also quite useful, Although much in Russian and other strange tongues.

But to sum up, You can tell it's a trusted site where certainly will do more shopping. Accept PayPal and ship the products straight arrow, quickly and without problems. I leave the link to the site down there as well as some of the coupon sites:

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  1. 10 reasons not to purchase in Focalprice:

    1- The products takes too long to arrive

    2 – Often do not arrive

    3- don't have quality products

    4 – If you have problems and have to send back, only pay 30 % the expenses of sending.

    5 – Takes too long to respond to messages and the timetables are quite different.

    6 – live chat not working

    7 – Guest reviews, ratings and videos are selected your beautiful pleasure. My negative comments were rejected.

    8 – the forum is slow. Should be to encourage people to give up to get in and don't read complaints that there has.

    9- not meet the delivery times.

    10- If you have problems go to defer to infinity of patience the resolution.

    • Already bought more than 700 dollars in recent 2 years in FocalPrice and nothing left to get. I think that your experiences were a little unlucky. There were more than 50 orders and all arrived…

  2. Andre Multiclik Drey

    that's what I bought and never made it on focalprince the bad luck that I paid via ticket YEAHPAD PILLBOX7 7.0 Android 4.0.4 A13 1.52 GHz Tablet PC with Wi-Fi, 1080P HD Playback, Capacitive Touch (4GB) (Black)

    • Already got in touch with them? They have sent a tracking number? What does the Tracking number? If you want I can send an email to help press, but it is necessary that you send me (by email order number information (the focalprice) and tracking number.

  3. Andre Multiclik Drey

    boy I made a request for a tablet in 19/12/2012 and so far not reached anything not recommend and do not answer emails on this such focal prince

    • That's good. Until today everything I bought arrived normally. Open formal complaint with PayPal. Leave registered what tablet purchased and the number of the application to which the store has problems in the future.

      • Andre Multiclik Drey

        me help there friend can't send message for focalprince FPTOF11697DJ this and the number of the application

  4. Edvan Fleury - 刘鹏

    Hi I am a Brazilian who lives in China and I'm responsible for the site I would like to talk with you to explain how our site works. My Skype is edvanfleury and email is

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