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Infrared ear thermometer

Do you remember the time of the Mercury thermometer? So is getting old. I remember it took 2 to 3 minutes to get my temperature when I was little, a long time with an expensive glass thermometer under my arm. But that's over, I'm glad. Today has this great option: the IR thermometer to ear.

The temperature inside the ear is very close to the body, so it's pretty easy to use it primarily in infants. This cost pretty cheap, It was worth it for sure.

The quality of the product you notice when the manual is not in Chinglish.

Comes in a bag for transport!

The design is both practical and beautiful. The display to show the temperature and a button to start the measurement.

On the back the on-off switch.

The thermometer requires one CR2032 battery. Easy to get here in Brazil when it's over.

As soon as you turn it appears that temperature is measured with one decimal place. The Zero indicates that the measure has not yet been made.

To measure the temperature switch on the appliance at the back, place the thermometer in the ear and tighten “SCAN”. A second later, the temperature is recorded. My, at the moment the photo was 37.4° C.

This is a warning: I'm not running a fever! The temperature is considered normal under the armpits is up to 37.2° C, but on the inside the ear is accepted as normal up to 38° C.

Is a good product, with great build quality and practicality. Those interested can follow the link to the store BangGood:

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