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Pro Evolution Soccer PES 2017

There are more than 20 years I buy the new Pro Evolution Soccer, usually in September or October of each year. Some versions were good, some not so much. This year the tradition continues with the PES 2017 in my ...

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Nintendo classic NES USB control

How about play nintendo NES classics (or NS) as Ninja Gaiden or Castlevania? Although former, These games are still fantastic and challenging, especially compared with the cell games. But the experience won't be the same without a ...

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USB arcade control

I bought this control to play a Street Fighter on your computer, but it didn't work as well as I thought. For the price that was, It's bad. The buttons, great and very accurate, is the best part. The Joystick is the ...

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The camera support PS4

I bought a camera for PS4 and tried everything to put on top of the TV. Was horrible! Until I found this little support that solved the problem. Comes with instructions in its box. Support is only a claw and ...

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