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Pro Evolution Soccer PES 2017

There are more than 20 years I buy the new Pro Evolution Soccer, usually in September or October of each year. Some versions were good, some not so much. This year the tradition continues with the PES 2017 in my Playstation 4, It has its strengths and weaknesses. In General, worth the buy. It also has versions for PlayStation 3, XBOX ONE and XBOX 360.

57e0bda0c62c8_PES 2017 Original Start Screen for PES 2016

The chart is refreshed and the faces of the players never seemed so real. We have friendly modes, the online divisions and the friendly lobby as well as in the previous version.

57e0bda2dbc95_Pro Evolution Soccer 2017_20160917234428

In the competition have the Champions Cup, the League of UEFA and the AFC champions. Pity that no longer has the liberators, Although we can create in ”Copa ” an international or National League teams or selections.

57e0bda5f3c5b_Pro Evolution Soccer 2017_20160917234508

On initial presentation you already new the faces of the players very well rendered.

57e0bda7daf3d_Pro Evolution Soccer 2017_20160918011136

The movements are more perfect and unexpected.

57e0bda86b720_Pro Evolution Soccer 2017_20160918011145

Chart was never the strongest of PES, so when I see the fans moving to me is already good.

57e0bda744992_Pro Evolution Soccer 2017_20160917234818

The gameplay is the strong point. The ball and the players are making moves more difficult to control, especially in time of collision. Now the control vibrates when you clashes with some opponent, which adds an additional emotion.

57e0bda205c42_Pro Evolution Soccer 2017_20160917022252

The judge is more strict with the faults, and even the computer takes a few yellow cards. Even without pressure or cart can take a card or make a lack.

57e0bda91d4b5_Pro Evolution Soccer 2017_20160919132534

But enough talk, take a look at the video game a round Flamengo x Barcelona (the game of the century?). Take a look also at the presentation of the game and some menus:

In General, the game is very good. Some scenes of complaint with the judge and replacement within the game are a little slow and poorly rendered, What does not affect the gameplay. It also has some mistakes in the player's way arrows. It seems that they had to throw the game running! But overall worth the purchase! I leave below link to the PS3 version, PS4 and XBOX:

PES 2017 – PS4
PES 2017 – PS3
PES 2017 – XBOX 360

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