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Retropie – a video game with your Raspberry Pie

How about buying a Raspberry Pie 2 for $ 50 and turn it into a retro video game running Genesis (Mega Drive), NES, Super Nes, Atari, Nintendo 64 and many other? The Raspberry Pie can you use PS3 controls, WiFi and Bluetooth adapters without heat the head, allowing you to download the ROMs of the games, do update and information on each of the old cartridges.

For this you need to have a Raspberry Pie 2 (or the model 3 that is the same price and is much better), a PS3 control, a Bluetooth adapter, a USB WiFi adapter, a memory card (class 10 16GB recommended) with Reader, a HDMI cable, a USB mouse and keyboard, a micro USB cable (to connect the raspberry pie to a source) and a mini USB cable (to pair the control). Everyone in the photo below!


Connect everything to your raspberry pie. Remember that the USB source must have at least 2A for all work well at the same time. My raspberry pie is inside this acrylic box, but this is not required.


Now download the system image RetroPie for raspberry pie 2/3.


Put your memory card (16GB recommended) in the reader and put in PC.


The RetroPie comes zipped and you must inflate the file to some location on PC.


Download then Win32 Disk Imager to put the image of RetroPie marshland (IMG file) inside memory card. My card is in F:, but his may be on another drive. Now click Write!


Now just put the card in the raspberry Pie and wait for the boot!


Is giving boot!


After you start the operating system, use the keyboard to find the RetroPie configuration and access WiFi.


On this screen you must connect to your WiFi to download information about the games and updates.


Then return to the Setup screen, Click RetroPie setup and run a ”Binary-Based instalation ”. Having internet, the raspberry will automatically download updates for all. This step is not strictly necessary to, but it's a good idea to keep everything updated.


RetroPie configuration still can OverClock the CPU, It is recommended to run Nintendo 64. In my case, I have a fan for the CPU heat!


In advanced settings, You can change the OverScan (If your monitor or TV is not fully maximized) and the split of GPU memory, You can stay in 320.


Oh! Still in the RetroPie setup, go to Manage Packages and add the drivers to the PS3 control.


The driver for PS3 is the number 812. Just add and the raspberry will automatically connect to the internet and configure.


After configured, the driver will run this screen to pair and configure the control. Connect the cable and tighten control ”1\”. Mine worked after a few boots…


Now that the PS3 is working, go to ROMS! Plug in a USB key common raspberry formatted in FAT32, with a directory ”retropie ” in the root and wait a few minutes.


When you remove the pendrive of raspberry and put on the PC will find a giant directory tree with all emulation systems supported. Just copy the ROMs into the respective directories and return the drive to the raspberry, that will copy all!


If you know the IP of your raspberry (shown in WiFi configuration), can access Windows shares (Samba) to put the ROMs via network.


Mega drive, NES, Super Nes, CPS1/2/3, MAME, Ps1, Atari and many others run perfectly. Nintendo emulation 64 It is reasonable to, fully playable. Below is the Sonic game for Mega Drive.


You can play Sonic in 1080 p via HDMI on your large LCD screen. Logical that the resolution is still the same as Mega Drive…


See the list of NES games:


And Nintendo emulation 64 with Mario Kart 64.


The option of Scraping the raspberry low information about each one of the ROMs from the internet, including the cover image.


Despite taking a lot of work to configure, This certainly is the best method to play video game old. On the PC the PS3 control does not work as well and isn't as portable as the Raspberry. I hadn't found a lot of function to my PIE but now he's ready to go whenever I want to remember the old games! I leave below link to buy the Raspberry Pie 2 or 3 and start building your emulation console!

Raspberry 3 –

Raspberry 2 –

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