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Nintendo classic NES USB control

How about play nintendo NES classics (or NS) as Ninja Gaiden or Castlevania? Although former, These games are still fantastic and challenging, especially compared with the cell games. But the experience won't be the same without a NES control as of the time, like this one below:


The control does not have the quality of an original, but works perfectly.


Until the back remember well the original control.


And the connector is a USB, IE, perfect for putting on the computer and configure on the emulator.


The control recognises as a traditional GamePad, four buttons. Works well and is great for the nostalgic like me! I leave below link to the product:

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  1. Unfortunately the directional controls xing-ling does not compare to the originals… In certain games (How to fight) that's too much sense, especially when trying to perform sequence of commands. But for simple games, as platform games, the original directional will miss. Excellent post! And Hooray for nostalgia!

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