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Blitzwolf selfie wired bar 90 cm

My dear sponsor Banggood sent me this selfie bar with BlitzWolf wire to do a review. At the beginning, I was thinking be silly considering I've done recently review of a drive-bluetooth. But I was not disappointed with this, that in addition to not having to reload, is very compact, firm, durable and of good quality.


In the box comes the bar, a manual and a carabiner ”carabiner ”.


The system is wired, IE, you plug the phone into the headset. Works very well with Android 4 on. The camera understands that it must take a picture in virtually any cell phone.


The piece that the phone company may move 180 degrees and stays tight and reliable. Note that the bar uses the same system of fastening the GoPro camera, IE, You can also use with this camera or a Chinese copy her!


To fit parts of the bar must turn to the direct. Left undocks. If you do not turn the bar can't get her out of position, What is far more secure than the other bars.


Well stretched the bar reaches 90 cm.


There is a bar and the carabiner.


The connector can be screwed to the back of the bar.


There is a photograph of my taken with the phone in this mess bar.


And there's the cell phone on the.


I like the product. Strong, simple, Compact and good quality. Better than bluetooth version, that ends the battery and let you down. I leave below link to the product on wired and wireless version:

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