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Gopro Hero 3+ Silver

Every week a bunch of Chinese sites send me hundreds of promotions for GoPro camera accessories. As I don't have one of these, I couldn't enjoy the great advantages and discounts! I also have this problem with Ipads and Iphones! Accept donations! Below my GoPro Hero 3+ Silver.

Already exists the version 4 GoPro camera, but I found the new much more expensive and nothing so fantastic that was worth it. I chose the Hero 3+ Silver for being just 250 ~ 300 dollars and work very well, mainly to test Chinese accessories! Click here to view comparison of this model with other the same brand.


The camera comes in this acrylic box with accessories stored at the bottom. The picture is bad because it was taken in a hotel in Foz do Iguaçu. I always play the box out on the road to decrease the volume of luggage.


Now in my Studio in Rio de Janeiro have the entire contents of the box camera.


For those not familiar, GoPro cameras are built to write upon motorcycles, cars, in the pool, in the practice of sport and other situations in open environment. The lens has a large aperture, that allows you to capture a wider angle.

On the front we have the power switch and leds of WiFi and ON. In addition to the LCD display that shows the number of photos and videos as well as other information.


Everything is built to be very compact. This is a camera to fit in helmets, bicycles, motorcycles and other venues with little space. Below the GoPro and your battery:


At the top we have the shutter button. The build quality of the camera is very good.


On the side there's a button to turn on the WiFi and allow the connection with the mobile. The GoPro lacks display to view the photos and this must be done directly on your Smartphone.


On the right side we have the micro HDMI output, the input to load mini USB and SD card input.


There is a camera on motorcycle picture, Although this is not the forte of the product, because the goal is usually to record videos. The photo quality is not very good, only reasonable.


All GoPro comes with a waterproof case, that should be used to protect the camera during external use. The case has buttons for accessing the camera functions without problems.


Disassembly of case is pretty simple.


The camera should be placed in the case to protect the lens…


There's a Hero 3+ inside the waterproof case.


The Hero 3+ It also comes with a lot of accessories and fasteners to secure it in several different environments.


This accessory allows you to adjust the angle of the camera.


The very basis of the box becomes a support for the camera:


With the help of this you can adjust the clip the camera in different angles:


I use the acrylic part to keep all the paraphernalia:


To use the camera with cell phone simply download the status of GoPro. It recognizes alone the camera and controls settings, usage and clock modes. You do not need to press any buttons directly on the camera.


After recognized just click Connect & Control to control the camera.


Settings can be changed remotely.


There's a preview system to take pictures and videos remotely. Look at the Wide angle camera, that clearly is not very interesting indoors.


There are photo mode, time lapse, burst of photos and video. The recommended is to record videos with this camera, because the quality of a recording 1080 p/60 Hz makes a difference.


The camera angle can be adjusted to Wide, Normal or Narrow. In the latter case, shown below, the GoPro is how common camera.


All photos taken are on the memory card and can be downloaded to the phone via WiFi. You can also transfer files via USB.


Looks like is the photo with the lens of GoPro.


The photo quality leaves something to be desired, but the videos are awesome. The play of this camera is the lens, that allows you to capture sharp angles easily. This is the charm of this camera.

A lot of people tried to imitate, but the original is certainly the best. I leave below link for camera accessories in DealExtreme, In addition to places to buy it in Brazil and abroad:

Accessories for GoPro on DX – = down&category = 1513

Hero 3+ Silver in Brazil –

Hero 3+ Silver in DX – hero3--an-improved-version-of-the-great-hero3-action-camera-silver-edition-852,336,383

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