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Stick or wireless Bluetooth Selfie bar for mobile – The Gopro of poor!

There is nothing new in the street vendors and Chinese sites: selfie's cock! Although the name is binding, the idea is to allow different angles in photos using the cell phone or a camera like the GoPro. This Selfie Stick allows wireless clock via BlueTooth.


These first photos are bad because they were taken on a trip to Paraguay. I always take the products out of the box before the trip back. These photos were taken on the bed of the hotel!


Nothing much to report here. There's a very good system to hold the phone on top:


At the bottom we have four buttons: button, volume + and volume – and the shot for photo.


The brand is Selftimer, which doesn't make any sense. The material is quite good and the phone looks great stuck.


There we have, in details, the part where the cell phone.


My Lenovo K910 of 5.5 inches, with the dust cap and all, seems to be the limit of the fastener. If you enter this phone must enter any other minor without problems.


You can also remove the phone and put a camera any. Even a Gopro.


On mobile Selfie bar will appear as a Bluetooth keyboard. The hassle is that while it is connected, the Android keyboard does not work!


Pity that the button to take pictures it didn't work with the camera of Lenovo. I got an adaptation by configuring the phone to take pictures using the volume buttons, that also exist in the. Then it worked! To take this picture “Overview” I had to press the volume “-“. Photos can be similar to those bells Gopro cameras, so are known as Gopro poor.


The material is good and the clip works well. Recommend testing before with someone you have to know if it will work on your phone! I leave the link to the DealExtreme:

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  1. Oii. My cel is the lenovo k6 and he's not able to identify the bluetooth selfie stick q eh equal to this q vc spoke at matéria.pode help me solve this? Thank you in advance!

  2. Good afternoon!

    When loaded is a red light without blinking, or lights blue? For only if the stick is connected to a power charger. If you take the charger and try to pair cannot.

  3. Good morning, does anyone know if be fixed when the seltimer does not load? I've tried several cables and adapter.

  4. Thalita Ramos

    Our , to tell you the truth, I was not at all satisfied with the product. First I could use it only once, then I was trying to put cake to load and it does not load more, the red light it just lights up a bit and after 1 minutes erases and it continues without load. Now I changed my charger several times trying to find what could be the problem , but I was sure that I was on the product itself. And now to top it off he doesn't hold the phone firmly.

  5. I have a samsung galaxy and pressing the button on the selfie stick it zoom and doesn't fit the picture what I do??

  6. How long does it take to load?! Loads while the red light is blinking or stop?

  7. How long denotes to load? It loads with the flashing red light or stop??

  8. my phone doesn't show the device to pair, IE, the phone does not find the monopod what should I do?

  9. Karen Oliveira

    Adriano, My selfie cock won't start. In fact he's not even finished loading. What should I do?

  10. In t2 ultra I can't configure the q I do??

  11. My selfie cock comes with shooting own cable.. but quandou will connect via the bluooth that the password or pin this incorrect….How do I do

  12. Hello, When I turn on the bluetooth of the phone, He finds the selftimer… To make it active just connect the power button?

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