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Screen protector for round fan

I buy so much in China and get so many sponsors products that sometimes I don't even remember what I had asked! That's what happened when I opened a package and came across the below packaging: I had to go ...

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Funnel too small

Looking for rubbish in China, I found this funnel and thought: here at home I always need a funnel and never have! And that's when I flunked. I haven't checked that the funnel was little, Not much ...

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Bank is the novelty of the Banggood to attract Brazilians

Recently, the online store specializing in the sale of Chinese products with delivery in all parts of the world,, announced several new features to approach the Australian public. Responsible for the marketing of, Alessandro Dórea, granted an interview to everything comes ...

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Antistress for boys

Looking at the list of best-selling products I found this, It's really curious. It is a silicone breast sold as Antistress “for boys”. Does it work? The “chest” It's kind of misshapen. But the silicone is soft and well “Nice”. ...

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Pool balls

  You know those balls for ball pool? I was looking to buy some for my baby play, but here in Brazil was more than 50 real! In China, a package of 20 costs less than balls 3 U.S. dollars! OK, so ...

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