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Samsung Galaxy Gran Duos i9082

If you are looking for a phone with large display, of good brand and good price, so a good option is the Samsung Galaxy Gran Duos.

He has a fairly large display, five inches, and a decent hardware. It's not a phone as good as the S4 or the S3, but the branch breaks if it considers that the goal is not to turn heavy 3D games.

For half the price of the Galaxy S4 with the same screen size, expect a finish a little worse than brother Rico, Although this does not occur. The presentation of the Gran Duos is quite good and the phone still has dual SIM, IE, possibility of using two different carriers.

The configuration follows the typical color model from Samsung. This phone has WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS and 3 g. As well as all the latest.

Samsung has this power saving mode to try to compensate for the tendency of Android-starved for battery. I don't know if this works great, but it certainly will make little difference if you use WiFi and 3 g all the time.

The Launcher (Home) the Samsung looks like a mixture of iOS with Android. It was pretty nice.

All Gran Duos, also known as Samsung i9082, comes with Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. Great idea to have an Android pretty updated.

The status bar was very beautiful and functional. Controls GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi, 3G and brightness from the top bar.

The score of the benchmarking AnTuTu is down, only 5710. That's about 8 times less than the expected value for the Galaxy S4 and 4 times smaller than the S3. This low score indicates a hardware with less processing power, What will definitely cause negative impact on complex 3D games, Although most daily applications make little difference.

Another feature in the Gran Duo hardware cockroach is the resolution: only 800×480.

The CPU is a dual core 1.2 GHz, similar to Jiayu G3. In the case of the G3 a great advantage is the resolution of 320DPI. In the case of the Gran Duo resolution is only 240DPI, What does the five-inch screen seem a little out of focus.

The camera is 8 m pixels, a little low for a top-of-the-line cell phone. The front is only 2 m pixels.

Despite having only 8 m pixels, the rear camera seems to take very good pictures. The low resolution of the display also helps to show no imperfections.

The finish is very good, the back has a matte painting very beautiful blue.

2100mAh battery only seems to me little to display phone so great and so many hardware options. Samsung could have used better rear space to put a larger battery.

The Galaxy Gran Duos is a great option for those who want a cell phone with large display and don't want to shell out 2000 real. The Hardware leaves a little to be desired, but the user will only notice some slowness in heavy 3D games or specific applications. Below I leave links to buy the phone and for some of its accessories:

Links to buy the phone:–smartphone-samsung-galaxy-grand-duos-gt-i9082l-desbloqueado.html–6

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