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How to pay your products from China

You want to buy a product in China? Already chosen and it is this same? So now comes the boring part: the payment…

About a decade ago the only form of payment in Chinese sites was the deposit. I'm glad that today everything is much simpler.

There are two most common ways to make payment: PayPal and direct credit card. In both forms you will need an international credit card.

If you do not have a credit card the first step then is to go to your bank to order a. No card the going gets tough. There are even websites that allow the bank deposit (no way billet), but is time consuming and can cause problems if the product doesn't get here. If your card is not international talk to your bank manager and see how you can transform a common card in an accepted anywhere in the world. Generally there are no additional fees.

My preferred way of payment is PayPal, a site that makes payments and serves as an intermediary in the negotiations. It is entirely free, anything you pay for shopping, only if you are selling a product. To use the service you must first register on the website in and add your credit card as form of payment default. All this within the site. The great advantage of PayPal is that Chinese websites or even Ebay sellers will not have access to any data banking, primarily the number of your card. Safer.

To purchase using PayPal, First you select the Chinese product you want to buy in your favorite site and click “ADD TO CART”. When all the products you want are already in “cart” Select shopping “Checkout using paypal” as a method of payment. Below show an example of a purchase made on the site DealExtreme, highlighting in red the two forms of payment.

From there you will be sent to the paypal website where you will enter your password and check the price of the product. As soon as you give the “OK” on this screen the payment will be made to PayPal and transferred to the Chinese site. Is almost immediate, It takes about 5 seconds. Below is the site of paypal with my purchase on the left.

The value of the transaction will appear, as shown in the figure below, already in real. This is because PayPal can, If you want to, charge your card directly in the currency of your country of origin. If you want you can click “other convertion options” and change the charge for the currency the Chinese site uses, IE, U.S. dollars.








Below is the screen that appears when you click “other convertion options”. The higher the real recovery using the PayPal, on the bottom you will be billed in the currency of origin (U.S. dollars).

I prefer to be charged in dollars even, because usually the PayPal exchange rate is higher of the card on the day of the invoice. That way I click “Go on”, shown in red in figure below, effecting the purchase itself.


From there you will go to a screen confirming your purchase. At the bottom you see their products. You must click “Place your order”.

Then you receive an indication that payment has been made, receives the payment order number in PayPal and is directed to the site of origin. In my case, the DealExtreme.

When everything goes right you will receive three emails: a warning that the purchase was made in dealextreme, Another saying that the payment was made by PayPal and another warning that the money was received by the DealExtreme.

Already at DealExtreme you will receive an order number which you can use to complain within the site if a problem occurs.

If the product does not arrive or is not equal to the advertised, you own 45 days to open a complaint within the site from PayPal asking for your money back. PayPal itself will make the trial and if it is considered fraud or negligence of the seller you will receive all your money back as credit on next bill your card. Below is the location on the PayPal site you should click to complain about a transaction.

In the case of direct payment with card you do not have the extra security could ask for the money back to a suitable institution like PayPal. In this case only be sending e-mails to Chinese site directly. However, most of the problems I had I didn't need open claim with PayPal, sites like DealExtreme, Focalprice and TinyDeal are quite reliable and often make the money back in case of any problem.

Remember that PayPal protects your purchase only in case of non-receipt or if the product is different from the announced. If the product give defect you should look for the Chinese site directly. That's a headache. Later I will come back to talk about what to do if the product purchased is defective.

Happy shopping to all!


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