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Exchange links with TudoVemdaChina

You own a Blog or page, and you want to advertise completely free here at TudovemdaChina? Is Easy! Just put a link to the home page of TudoVemdaChina on your blog and I will do the same here, there in the list of “sites ...

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Let's talk now about a great shopping site in China: the Banggood. Although not widely known, and with a little weird name in Portuguese, This is a pretty reliable store with many different products. As big as the ...

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Advertise here!

Advertise on TudoVemDaChina! For a low cost your store can advertise on this site! Lateral or horizontal banners can be purchased and payment can be made in store credits. Products purchased with credits at the store will receive reviews with links ...

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Universal Car Holder for Tablets

It's not easy to find a good universal car holder tablet or GPS. Most sucks and breaks easy, In addition to swinging a lot. After several attempts I found this in DealExtreme, that while it is more expensive ...

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Jiayu Beige G3S – Quad-core for the same price

For those who can not buy the Jiayu G4, because it is never available in stock, a good option for those without patience is to buy the brand new beige G3S Jiayu: the quad-core version of the famous G3. On the outside exactly equal to the G3, Although inside ...

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Cubot a8809 – back to China

I bought a cell phone Cubot a8809 sometime ago and when she was not working. The worst, plus nothing comes up on the screen, the phone appeared to have been opened, as shown in part poorly embedded silver photo ...

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