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Silicone case for the phone UMI X 2

The pain in the Chinese phones are there, generally, few cover options. If you have an S3/S4 Galaxy or an iPhone can buy any type of variation: covers like gameboy, cassette tapes and even ears. Unfortunately, for the ...

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Zopo C2, C2 and C3 platinum

The Zopo has proven that has great quality in cutting edge phones, Although the price is still a little higher than competitors UMI X 2, Jiayu G3 or G4 and THL W8/W9. The new models Zopo C2, C2 Platinum and ...

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Cubot a8809

The Cubot a8809 is mobile with a sad story, but now it's working! I bought the Cubot because the price is unbeatable: about $ 160 bucks for a phone screen 4.7 inches, Android Jelly Bean, dual core 1 GHz, ...

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Motorola Atrix MB860

Who likes a phone model of good brand will not be disappointed with the Motorola Atrix MB860. This is a phone with a 1 GHz Dual Core CPU, 1GB of RAM and GPU GeForce. All this on a screen ...

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Turn your Android on an Iphone

Initially I have to make it clear the article title: There is no way to truly transform your Android on an Iphone. However, with the use of launch programs you can copy the main interface of the iphone and let Android ...

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