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Chinese 4 g phones are cheaper! Meet the LANDVO L600S

Even with the rise in the dollar against the real, the Chinese phones are surpassing! This, below, is the LANDVO L600S LTE, It works in the Brazilian networks 2 g, 3G (H and H ) and 4 g in the correct frequency, IE, 1800 and 2600 MHz. The most important! Only 150 dollars on GearBest.


A touchscreen phone 5 inches and HD resolution of 1280 x 720. MTK processor Quad Core has 1.5 GHz and 1 GB RAM.


This phone has volume buttons and power on the same side, three touchscreen buttons on the bottom, In addition to the charge lead and earphones at the bottom of the phone.


The front camera is 5 m Pixels and the back is 13 M Pixels.


I still don't have the official confirmation, Since this is a pre-sale. But it seems, the AnTuTu Score will be something close to 27. Superior to S3 and S4 Galaxy and close to S5 and HTC One.


The Landvo L600S is also Dual SIM, being that a chip will be 4 g and other “only” 3G. There are entrance to microSD memory card. Look at the battery site frequencies accepted by phone. Live operator uses the 2600 MHz for 4 g LTE.


I forgot to tell you that there is WiFi support, Bluetooth and GPS, as is normal in all current phones! This makes the LANDVO L600S have great settings for the price, even more considering to upgrade to Android 5.0 Lolipop as promised by the manufacturer. Only the battery I found small, only 1950mAh. But considering the dimensions of the phone seem well-suited. Let down link to the GearBest store, It is with this phone still in pre-order.

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  1. The only problem of tels is the main function of Chinese a smartphone. THE GPS. I have a UMI X 2, excellent unit by the value, has memory and resolution equal to that of market tops, but the GPS is regrettable. Luckily the antenna picks up something. I read that one of the reasons that make the devices are cheap Chinese production cost and final value is precisely the issue of GPS modules are integrated with the main processor and that's what makes me doubt if I get another Chinese or go back to the known…

    • Alicio, the GPS module is embedded by default to the processor.
      If you want a good android with GPS function look for those who are equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. I don't know if the mediatek fixed this, but the old processors had crappy GPS modules. So his bad experience with Chinese phones

    • Adriano

      Actually, This is not a problem of Chinese phones, but some processors MTK that has GPS within the chip. MTK SoC Processors (System on Chip) are problematic also with WiFi and Bluetooth, Since both are within the same chip.

      Both my phones OnePlus One Chinese and Lenovo K910 have fantastic GPS. Lock in two to three seconds or less…

      K910 –
      OnePlus One –

      The only one I've seen that work MTK GPS very well is my tablet to car Freelander PD20. All of a sudden they have corrected this defect:

      PD20 –

      • Mauro and Adriano, Thanks for the replies. Were enlightening. I wrote what I remembered about the subject of GPS…, but assimilating, the problem was with some MTKs. Anyway, the next will be a Qualcomm and take back what I said generalizing the Chinese lol.
        I saw the K910 posts and Oneplus One. The Oneplus One is really impressive. Had not seen yet. I've used a lot of Cyanogen mod on other devices and always liked the clean roms. I found a pretty cool he already rely on this rom, but I saw some ads now and are with another rom called Color the . In the DX it has already Sold Out.

  2. with HD screen 5 inches, 1 GB of RAM and this processor I don't think to do this whole score.
    Another big problem is the battery, weak for this screen.
    Finally the brand is an attempt to pass for lenovo. until the source of the logo is equal.
    I don't know if 150 Obamas is a good deal, If we have the Xiaomi redmi note LTE for approximately 170 Obamas

    • Adriano

      Very cool, Mauro Leo. I'm not really sure of the Score, but maybe the Chinese are being too honest in specification of battery. If you have this phone don't forget to do a review here at TudoVemdaChina, leave your link to the return program (referrals) the site where you bought and still win 3 to 5 U.S. dollars!

      • I ordered one for my son.
        If you don't take too long to get to do the review.
        Chinese phones use a good 4 or 5 years, and I don't intend to change to the “nationals” because I honestly think the Chinese quality standard for equipment far superior to so-called average marks “Premium” here

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