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Film applicator or protective film on mobile phones

Have you tried putting that LCD protective film and became a drug? Will be a lot easier with this cellular film applicator!

Actually, If you bought cheap films will still have some problem with bubbles! Prefer so the models GLASS type that are more resistant and are best applied!

Below the applicator in original packaging:


This tool solves one of the most common problems on application of films: the difficulty of aligning perfectly protective film on the appliance. Help a little also decrease the bubbles, But if the film is bad doesn't have much to do!


This transparent plastic part, She is the key to the functioning of the applicator!


Instructions on the back! TOTALLY IN CHINESE!


But I leave my instructions here! First plug the phone in the applicator as shown below. There is a spring that holds the unit between the blue parts.


Now thoroughly clean the screen of the device using the piece of cloth that accompanies the film. Sometimes a blue sticker with the protective film, that serves to remove any lingering dirt.

Then support the film and align perfectly to your phone. Do not remove the masks 1 or 2 in this moment, just let the side 2 (AFTER) up.


Now put the plastic part of the applicator slowly so as not to change the alignment. Swipe your finger well above the clear plastic applicator and you will realize that the same goes “Paste” the protective film. That's how the alignment will be kept perfectly.


To terminate, lift the clear plastic film glued to the applicator and remove the mask 1 (BEFORE). The duck again the clear plastic film will be perfectly aligned to your phone. You should download very slowly the clear plastic so as not to generate bubbles.

I don't put any more without this film applicator. Even so, some bubbles are inevitably formed. As I had already quoted, the best to avoid blisters is to buy a film type “Glass” for best quality, that still protects!

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