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OnePlus One A0001 4 g LTE 3 g RAM 2.5 GHz Quad Core (VIEW VIDEO!)

To replace my K910 from Lenovo on a permanent basis the only phone in the range of 300 dollars is the OnePlus One A0001. This is the first phone from OnePlus that will surely bring down many manufacturers from all over the world with fantastic specifications, great Android updatable and good build quality.


The box where the phone is pretty cool and already indicates the reason for my purchase: the receiver frequency 2600MHz 4 g LTE, used by various carriers in Brazil as the Living, Of course and other.


Inside the phone with a protector, serial number, IMEI and everything. Better than a lot of Samsung.


The microUSB cable that comes with it is great quality, You can use penalty. Also a manual (ALL IN CHINESE), a keychain that we'll use later and a nano adapter tray YES.


Inside the box is all so cute!


The source comes in a separate box. I don't understand why.


There's the source, vintage:


The entire manual in Chinese is not helping. Why in English? The locksmith's, actually, a way to keep the removal tool SIM tray.


Removing the tray have access to Micro SIM. I put a YES 4 g carrier Alive. It worked all! No locks here in Brazil in January 2015!


The back cover is white but can be exchanged. There are many possibilities and different colors on Ebay.


In the photo below you can see the speakers and the micro-USB connector. The audio quality is very good!


In this photo, on the left of the phone, We have the volume buttons and the micro SIM tray.


At the top there is a connector for headset.


On the right just the power button.


The phone has good build quality.


The OS is Android 4.4 Cyanogenmod. I had some bad experiences with Cyanogen, but in this phone so far everything worked perfectly.


The CyanogenMod uses a Home App called Trebuchet. I didn't like it because it uses that default Android style that hides Apps ellipses button. I prefer something in the style in which all iOs Apps are on the main screen.


There are three physical buttons touchscreen: Home, Menu and Back.


The 4 g has been tested as soon as I was able to go to the carrier store, because I had to change my SIM 3 g chip for a 4 g. As soon as I turned the cell everything worked! Look at the icon which indicates LTE 4 g network connection with high-speed internet.


You can leave the preferred network as 4 g, 3G or 2 g. The smaller the higher speed the battery saving!


The settings follow the model of Android. There's WiFi, Bluetooth, 4G/3 g/2 g, NFC, Android Beam and other nonsense.


I didn't have any problem in adding the Google account. Everything worked first. See if on the screen below the advanced developer options, they can be enabled on the screen “over the phone”.


There are information about Android software version. To enter the options of developer simply tap several times in the version number!


Developer options enabled!


The camera software is simple and fast. Take great photos. There are HDR option and effects!


The front-facing camera gives 10 to zero in various famous cell phones.


Facebook worked. I read that this phone has caused problems for some Apps, but in my everything worked fast and first.


Photo Gallery also follows the style simple and fast. Remember the Windows Phone.


Play Store also operated from first.


Below my first test with the 4 g LTE network Alive. We have 10Mbps download and about 5Mbps of upload. Better than a lot of fixed broadband out there!


I enabled the GPS quickly, inside my apartment, just to see what would happen. To my surprise, getting satellite signal and the position in a few seconds! Had to put this coin for anyone to know where I live!


Google Maps works! Never more car GPS!


There is some information obtained on the App AnTuTu BenchMarking:


The TouchScreen is 10 simultaneous touches. A bit extreme for the screen 5.5 inches.


Speaking of Hardware, the OnePlus One has 2.5 GHz Quad Core CPU, 3GB RAM, 1080 Full HD screen×1920 480DPI. 600 MHz GPU with cameras of 13.1 M and 5 m front rear.


There is a system called play and pay. I don't know how it works…


There are several options to customize the status bar and tray notifications. I found a little ugly notifications, but functional.


The firmware update is fantastic. Just click and all updates. Fast!


Below is a comparison between the OnePlus One A0001 and Lenovo K910. OnePlus screen is much brighter!


Look at the differences between the two screens of cellphones OnePlus One and Lenovo K910.


As I like more of the iOS system, I installed the home App iLauncher.


Look at the video I made about the product:

Great phone, My first Chinese 4 g! Worked so far: cameras, Whatsapp, Facebook, WordPress and anything I tried. The fact of being an official CyanogenMod causes there is support for Android updates, including a possible for the Lolipop from February 2015. The system has incremental update, that allows you to download only the files that have changed in firmware. I did an update in a few 10 seconds! Very cool!

A great phone, Although salty in price. With taxes and everything, the OnePlus One ends up going out for a few 900 real. All because of the dollar's high. Even so, with hardware and quality similar to the Samsung S5 (that costs a 2000 real) and other best on the market, the OnePlus One certainly worth the price. I leave below the link to the product on DealExtreme and Banggood:

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