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How to buy a Tablet in China

I've bought many Tablets and mobile phones in China and I can pass on to my readers some experiences of how to make the best deal. There are many factors that influence the quality and price of the product, It is also important to consider ...

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Video Games Android JXD S5110

This is a video game similar to the PSP screen 5 inch running Android. The idea is to be able to play emulators and other games with physical buttons, which is much better than using the touchscreen. The physical construction is ...

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Samsung gt-5830c S5830 Galaxy ACE

I present to you one of the most durable phones from Samsung: the Galaxy ACE. The ACE is designed to be cheap, therefore does not have very high specifications. The CPU is only 800 MHz with a 200 MHz GPU. Galaxy models ...

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The alternative Chinese dual core

If we're going to start this text citing the qualities of Galaxy S3, so don't even talk! There's no phone in China with the same hardware specifications of the famous smartphone from samsung. The problem is that it costs, without plans ...

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How to get root on android device

One of the problems you will can have when trying to download programs in the android Market is how to get how to get permissions “root”. All, or at least almost all android devices come with a software lock that prevents ...

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7 Tablet” VX610W Wave

I searched for a long time until they find tablets this, which in my opinion has the best cost benefit. Introduce the VX601W Wave. Wave is one of those Chinese brands that no one believes that is good. But is. The quality of the product, Since ...

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