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Operators will block Chinese phones?

Strikes me the news, circulating in the media since 2012, that from 2013 Brazilian operators will block all phones that are sold in the Chinese market.

Even though we're already in 2013 the lock is not yet worth, but can be implemented at any time. Recently I put new chips in some Chinese mobile my, old and new, and all are working. The problem is exactly this: until when?

Logical that pirated copies, as the above image, they must be removed from the market. But that problem do I have if I want to use a Chinese model that is not pirated copy? That's good, According to the sorry dasoperadoras this models “may have signal problems” and still “cause damage to health”. Because it is possible, that between 2013 and 2014 operators to implement a system that will not allow enabling phones Fcc approved.

And as the operators are going to find out that you have a cell phone not approved? Simple. All cell phones have a unique identification number called IMEI. This number is registered internationally by manufacturers and, in this way, It is possible to identify which model of the cell phone as soon as you turn it on with a SIM chip inside.

It seems, When the lock finally begin to occur, Chinese phones already enabled will continue to work. But do not rely much on that, If you have a defect in the chip and have to change it is very likely that the carrier be playing dumb and do not allow the operation.

As a matter of fact, cheap Chinese handsets can really be a problem for the operator. Some do not work very well and cause losses of calls, which decreases the profit carriers. But what they are really interested is the abusive profit of cell phones in Brazil. Love to blame taxes, but actually there is no justification for a cell phone here in Brazil is sold by R$1000 while costs $ 100 in the USA or China.

As soon as the lock occur can greatly enhance operators their prices, because there will be no Chinese competition. Even the cheapest models can be adjusted for R $ 400 to $ 500. There will be a clear imbalance between supply and demand if the Chinese phones can no longer be sold, What is estimated to be 20% What's on the market.

But don't get discouraged a cell phone lovers xing-ling, There are three options to resolve our problems. The first is complaining on carrier and threatening to cancel the account until they give up this idea asshole. Another is to enable the chip in a valid mobile phone and then transfer it to the Chinese. This last option looks like it won't work, because the operator can double-check the IMEI and locking the device, but will it have the courage to do this even after you make a lot of calls and have an account to pay?

The third way to end the blocking of IMEI is which will prevail in all the street vendors throughout Brazil. I don't know if the reader knows, but the IMEI number is not fixed, especially in Chinese phones, and can be changed in the service menus or, in the case of Android, via cable with ADB commands. Putting a phone valid IMEI no longer used will be impossible for the operator to know which model you have on hand. I checked it and although it is complex is perfectly possible to do this in both my ZOPO ZP-500 as Jiayu G3.

IMEI locks are common all over the world and this can really happen. Several internet forums to change the ID number to bypass blockages idiots of the operator.

I hope we don't have to come to this obscure option to have secured our right to use your cell phone as we want. I'd hate to have to give 1000 to 2000 real for the carrier, or get stuck in plans and allegiances, just so I can have a decent cell phone. I hope they give up this nonsense for our xing-lings continue working, for the joy of the inveterate blog owner TudoVemDaChina.

Anyone who wants to know more about the IMEI or the lock can follow the links below:

Queries the IMEI –

Queries the IMEI –

News of the lock –,0c289a611f35b310VgnCLD200000bbcceb0aRCRD.html

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  1. Guys today is 2015, It's up to agr nd or already have some mobiles there blocked ?? I'm in the mood for a Jiayu S3 or Meizu m1 Note which is better ??

  2. Ron Rodrigues

    PF, My Umi X 2 (I got on sale) is already in curitiba. I wonder if I use a chip already enabled I get lock? Or will I need to change the IMEI?

  3. John Pleasures

    I am interested in a Chinese cell, I wanted to ask those who already have a Chinese cell, If the signal has already entered into force?

    • As far as I know, No. But as there are many carriers, can be anything that is already in force. With the World Cup and the Olympics, I think it's going to take…

  4. Rodrigo_Girao

    That ridiculous. I wanted to buy a Much i5, a phablet with built-in game control (play touch screen is bad enough). But if so, It was already, We will have to restrict to what is offered for exorbitant prices here.

    • Can buy. The lock is only for 2014 and might not even come out. And when you leave who have cell phones already enabled will not be blocked.

  5. Carlos Eduardo Luminatti

    My UMI X 2 has been blocked on Clear and Hi !

  6. poisonous spectrum

    Unfortunately I got a message from the carrier setting,I thought I had cancelled and just confirming without wanting to,After that my device went on to display only emergency call and find out that my imei this blocked because the message I got from the service provider that is already paying off this dumb law.

  7. Adriano, the way it says to change the IMEI is through a terminal… by entering a code + the new IMEI? If this is not so complicated.

    • It looks that way, I tried a few times and I couldn't in some models. Will be wrapped and certainly will require root.

  8. Why not be blocked xing-lings in Brazil no one buying cell phones as abusive prices and the carrier didn't gain anything if you block a week after this unlocked

    • And with that I think the Government protests won't do those antics because there in Brasilia just miss Horn and red nose

      • Gudivada Barbosa

        I hope they don't block even, dude I think so absurd this idea of Anatel that I can't even hear about this blocking more than I'm p… I'm apprehensive about the arrival of 2014, This lock is forgotten by the media but the project is in progress. And right now when my Jiayu G3 arrived and I'm super confident with the Xing Premium Lings. lol

  9. Gudivada Barbosa

    Adriano, Thank you very much for the post, great information, especially the third option, I didn't know which way to change the IMEI, It seems that this will be the option. But in my opinion this should not change until 2016, I don't know the extent to which Brazil is worried about Chinese tourists, but imagine if a Chinese coming to Cup with his Newman N2 which is one Galaxy level S3 's phone and you can't miss. Or with your Jiayu G4, etc. I don't know.

    • Has how to change IMEI Yes, and should solve. Although it is fiddly…

      Actually I agree with you: the problems blocking will do some foreigners have trouble with their cell phones. HTC and other brands not averages pirates do not have registration in Brazil, and therefore will be blocked. You may bring a new Nokia phone or even Samsung and he, not to be approved, not work in Brazil.


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