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Will be my next phone X 2 UMI?

I wanted to buy the Jiayu G4, but the problem is that we are about 1 year of the launch of this phone and it is still out of stock. Looking for an alternative to replace my G3 I ended up finding this phone: the UMI X 2.

The similarity with the G4 and the Samsung Galaxy S4 is no small. The Gorilla display of 5 inches and the Quad Core CPU are the same among the three manufacturers.

As well as the Jiayu G4, the UMI X 2 features dual sim and front camera of 13 m pixels, with flash and autofocus.

Although there are many options of Quad Core, I wouldn't buy any phone without the Gorilla Glass screen, famous anti-arranhão system. The day to day always end up destroying the mobile screen, but those that have gorilla glass don't suffer almost anything.

The UMI x 2 is thinner than the G3 and with bigger screen, and the amazing thing is that the LCD has FULL HD resolution. Amazing how a screen 5 inches has a resolution so high.

There are black versions (actually gray) and white. Interesting detail of physical keys well lit.

The only bad thing to buy a Chinese phone is the difficulty of finding covers. I found nothing for the x 2 still. But it's okay, the phone is only being sold since may 2013.

Below the size comparison of X 2 compared to previous model, the X 1 of 4.5 inches. The x 2 of 5 inches is a monster…

The AnTuTu registers a fantastic score of 12044. This all in FULL HD resolution!

There are two versions of X 2 compared to hardware: with 2 GB of memory for $ 299 and one with only 1 GB for US $ 229. I think I will end up buying the 1 GB version even, because I see no sense in a mobile phone with 2 GB of RAM. Below the table of comparisons between the Jiayu G4 hardware (successor of the G3) and the UMI X 2.

I haven't made my mind up completely by buying the x 2, but I certainly don't want to wait until October for the start of the re-stock Jiayu G4. I was really in the mood to buy a phone from 5 inch to serve as tablet day to day, and maybe this X 2 is the best option. Leave Link to the store PandaWill for those who want to check prices and specifications of the phone in black and white versions, 1GB and 2 GB.

2G white –

2GB Black –

1GB white –

1GB Black –


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Professor, Engineer and buyer of products crazy China.


  1. I'd just like to know where I can get technical assistance of this device here in Brazil. I have a, However gritted his crystal and I can't find that put your hand. I need help.

    • Adriano

      There's no way you can buy it here in Brazil. What you can do is try to find on ebay, buy and get someone to change here in Brazil. There is no technical assistance.

  2. Babalu Soares

    Caracas! that wonderful phone………… If I didn't already have my Moto X (which simply demeans the dump of the Iphone) I'd buy that Umi-X 2…….the gadget and a luxury!

  3. Jesse Garcia

    Damn guys, I just bought a UMIX2 and not even here yet and now seen the comments of you I was concerned.
    But I ask you to help me about this blocking issue review and everything else.
    I live here in Pará, I don't know if going to work the internet then on this device.
    Can someone give me the tip of what must be done when you get ?
    The appliance should arrive now days 20 to 25 maximum.
    Thank you !!!!!

    • The lock is not yet worth, only for 2014, and the phones already enabled (working with chip YES) until then will not be blocked.

      The internet should work Yes, because you have the frequencies 850 and 2100 MHz WCDMA in covering all operators…

  4. Carlos Eduardo Luminatti

    Updated and it worked ! It's in order. Thanks !

    • As I had said. I went through this same question. If it wasn't a colleague of mine who works at Alive have told me that there is no blockage I would be forever in doubt. The update resolves problems of BandBase software.

      Continues, for me, a minor glitch when the network connects only in H. The carrier Alive is slow in H, Although in H get ridiculously fast. It's like WiFi (to a certain extent…).

  5. Carlos Eduardo Luminatti

    And is blocking the same device, When I put the chips in other device works normally … THIS IS BRASIL STAFF !

  6. Carlos Eduardo Luminatti

    My UMI X 2 has been blocked on Hi and of course Guys ! What a pity … was too good to be true …

    • My keeps running, so Hi, of course, alive and tim. The Alive went on to function normally after I did the firmware update. Please update your Umi's first X 2 before to make sure it is actually a lock. There are software bugs in the UMI X 2 that make the 2 g/3 g network disconnect, even if they have worked in the past.

      How to update:

      But if it is a blockage still have the ability to change the IMEI of the device by another that is not blocked. Have a software that does this. I've used this software when I still thought the problem of my UMI X 2 blocking era. It wasn't…

      The network can even block a cell phone with software defects for a while, and then release when the defect cease. I have contacts in Live operator who told me THERE was NO BLOCK for NOW, in Rio de Janeiro and the rest of Brazil also.

      Remember that updates and changes of IMEI are simple operations but there are risks. Only do this if you really know what you're doing!

  7. Good morning guys.
    I have 2 questions:
    What is the battery life?
    And his sound is good?

    • Battery life is more or less, a little worse than the G3 but certainly as good as the cheaper brand cell phones. Lasts +- a day of moderate use-high.

    • Battery life and sound (by speaker) are reasonable. The battery lasts a little more than a day with moderate use and use a high. The sound is more or less, not too high, but surely reasonable. Don't expect anything amazing on the sound of any mobile Chinese, nor those of Samsung are so good.

  8. Carlos Eduardo Luminatti

    Exact. Using my in HSPA and he caught 3 to 6 MB on vivo's network.

    • My works perfectly in some neighborhoods (with alive) and other is unsigned. Odd even…

  9. taking me out a doubt adriano I see 3 g network it works with wcdma and gsm works only on 2 g that's right?


    § The Version: 4.2

    § CPU: MT6589t Cortex A7 Quad Core

    § GPU: Power VR SGX 544MP

    § Processor Speed (Max): 1.2GHz

    § RAM: 2GB/1 GB optional

    § 3 g: WCDMA: 850/2100MHz

    § 2 g: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz

    § WiFi: 802.11 b/g/n

    § Bluetooth

    § Portable WiFi Hotspot (3G Tethering)

    § Google Play

    § 13 Megapixel Rear Camera + 2 Megapixel Front-Facing Camera

    § Mic and Speaker

    § Battery Size: 2500mAh

    § Usage Time: 6 Hours

    § Battery Standby: 2-3 Days

    • The 3 g is a little problematic, I will talk more about it in my review. Soon. But suffice it to say that works in 850/900/2100, And, H and H . Better than the G3 that only works on 2100.

  10. Carlos Eduardo Luminatti

    Friday came two more orders, I got a g3 and other umix2 jiayu. My girlfriend will stay with the g3 and I'm going to sell the umi. I Am Asking $ 800,00 If anyone interested.
    Thank you.

  11. Carlos Eduardo Luminatti

    Friends sorry I'm working from Sunday to Sunday. Help me out here… How to do a review on this site ?
    ABS and thanks.

    • mine arrived today, I think I'll make a video of unboxing

    • To log in enter and enter your user and password. Register nda website homepage. If you do in Word e-mail me and I publish.

  12. Carlos Eduardo Luminatti

    Do the review friends, want pictures ?
    Thank you

  13. Carlos Eduardo Luminatti

    I bought and I received today from Pandawill. Simply amazing device !

    Didn't notice problems on wifi as they say, is very fast and very good link quality.

    Screen = A show part !

    It wasn't taxed !

    Anyone thinking of buying, can do !


    • Cool! Mine is coming too. The screen is FULL HD! Very cool…

    • Do a review please, We have nothing in Portuguese about the appliance!!!

    • Magellan Rhomário

      How many days to get friend? This Pandawill is reliable even? Thank you!

      • Carlos Eduardo Luminatti

        Hello Rhomario. Arrived in 23 days real quick. This is the second purchase I do on Pandawill and was
        For me.
        Paid via PayPal.
        Thank you.

        • Magellan Rhomário

          OK thank you very much for the Info, I will try to also purchase, I just need to understand how does the PayPal payment mode, If you have to recover the money if not enough. Thank you!

        • Hello Carlos, Good afternoon !
          What was the model you bought ?

    • I ended up being taxed, but it was not expensive, only 100 real the more.

  14. I'm seriously considering taking a…Even more in this version “Turbo” with a quadcore 1, 5 GHz and 2 GB of ram! The spoils is being white, but patience…

  15. The mine was commissioned!

  16. I think you already know this site…
    the site guy lives in china and talks a lot about cell phones and other electronics Chinese. I'll still wait a little longer for g4. I really enjoyed the review of it on the device.

  17. Ai Adriano, I bought the x 2. Must be coming out a month. If u want I can do a review when I get to see if you will buy msm

    • I also bought!

      Will be welcome the review…

      • Igor Raphael

        Adriano was researching a unit and ended up finding this X 2 of umi, what you tell me? The brand is reliable? because I noticed that is new in the business. and the match is really beast? Thank you very much!

        • Is a good appliance, It certainly worth the price. It's not as good as the Galaxy S3, but it is half the price.

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