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Headphone AKG K414P

Everyone who likes to listen to music on the bus or on trips deserve a good pair of headphones…

Unless you listen to funk, in this case you can hear through the speaker of the phone even… just not!

For a long time I have been in the limbo of the headphones that come with the phone, but when I lost the last I had left, I decided to buy a different…

I lost no time, I entered the and went in the corresponding section… A model soon caught my attention and despite the price relatively salty, I ended up buying it.

In 22 days, I was graced with the arrival of the product, but maybe it would have been faster if the postal service were not on strike. The box arrived dented but intact inside.

The phone came with a cover, an extremely thin cloth, It does not protect against collisions, However should not get dust. It worries me, because the wire seem fragile.

Open it is so, It does not cover the entire ear, but in the correct position, the insulation is great and is really comfortable. In terms of sound, He has a sound with emphasis on serious, bass players will love.

I sought to know the differences between a AKG false and an original, In addition to the differences in the box (that was compatible with the real), the fake has in the piece that connects the phone to the ear piece is of golden color, While the real has the same color of the shell.

I paid $ 34,60, free shipping.


If I had to give a note I would 8. the sound is fantastic, but it cost 70 real. The link is below:

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  1. POW, Mt thanks dude. I'm thinking of buying it, but afraid of fakes would end up buying one in ML per 180 real, but as you gave this is going to be an economy and such!

  2. Alok,
    I bought a Skullcandy Uprock, original, that went for less than 70 real. If you are interested post here the link from Ebay.

    • Put there! But 70 real for a headphone? Half mad…

      • The seller won't sell more… A alone cost 20 dollars more 15,88 of freight. He sold both by 50 U.S. dollars. The headphones are very good and the Skullcandy is a kind of known.
        Congratulations on the blog, Adriano!

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