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Rearview camera display as backwards

This is a very interesting product: a display for reverse camera that serves as mirror. Actually, display input is composite video signal. In other words, You can put anything you want. There's the rearview mirror. ...

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Keyring-lantern of Darth Vader

In China sometimes we find some very crazy. This is the case of this Keyring-lantern of Darth Vader. The purchase was required to take two key chains. The finish is pretty cool. Each Keychain has a tight clip on the ...

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Jiayu G6

About 6 months that I had prepared this text on the new release of Jiayu: the G6. And to fulfill the typical delay from this manufacturer, the units of the G6 continue without forecast to reach the Chinese market. But what's ...

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Bright bath ducks

Babies get restless while showering. So nothing better than buying some toys for them to do. This are three bath duckies that light up! No key turns on and off. The ducklings turn on automatically when there is contact with ...

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Chinese 4 g LTE phones are coming!

This week appeared, the site PandaWill, the first Chinese 4 g LTE device. This is the tablet of Fine9 AllFine 9 inch quad-core with 2 GB of RAM. The interesting thing is not the tablet, but the built-in modem 3 g/4 g. The 4 g support ...

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