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TV portal application for Android

How about watch just about any movie or TV series at the time, without having to wait for the download and absolutely for free? That's what promises the application “TV portal” for Android devices.

Unfortunately the application was removed from Google Play a few months ago, because logically accesses content does not exactly “paid”. The “TV portal” do not download any content pirate, But indexes hundreds of sites where there is this content, IE, lots and lots of TV shows and movies available for streaming format.

You can access all of this on the PC, without problems, but on Android, Thanks to this application, It got even easier. On the PC you can browse movies and series in watchfreemovies, but as is full of propaganda and links strangers gets a little annoying to navigate and watch. On Android is much more clean and organized.

To download the application to access the page in the browser on your phone or tablet and click download. A file with extension “APK” will be sent to you and at the end of this download you must click on the downloaded file, in the Android notification so that the same is installed. You can also download the APK file on your computer and send to the tablet via USB.

Down there the application splash screen:

By clicking on “Browse” appear the buttons “TV SHOWS” and “MOVIES”. Nothing could be simpler. Links of movies and series are frequently updated to avoid errors.


By clicking “TV SHOWS” We have a huge list of programs. You can get what you want to watch on the box top.

Typing the beginning of the name of a program list will be filtered to find more easily what you are looking for. Below I typed “FRIE” to watch “FRIENDS”.

When you find the series Friends, the TV program portal ask me which of the 10 seasons I wish to see.

Here I clicked in the first season and in the first episode. Look at organized, All episodes with their correct names. Better than on pay-per-view!

The first episode of Friends can be found in these eight links below. Click on the first and, If it doesn't work, try the other.

The Link is then verified and appear, If everything worked out, the button “PLAY VIDEO”.

Always use the program “MX PLAYER” to play the streams, the player can be downloaded from the market without problems.

The WiFi is perfectly possible to see any series or TV show. On the 3 g will depend on the good will of the operator.

Unfortunately still no subtitles, only the original content. But who knows one day pass not having?

For movies it's the same thing, only now it clicks into “MOVIES”. In the figure below I typed “FORREST” and appeared the option for the film “FORREST GUMP”.

Only three links to the film “FORREST GUMP”, who won the oscar for best picture in 1995. Clicked on the first one.

The link is checked and click on “PLAY VIDEO”.

In just a few seconds you'll be seeing the famous scene from the pen of beginning of the film.

The quality is, tops, reasonable. Many series are in 360 p and have even some content in 480 p. High quality (HD) It is unusual. But there's nothing to complain, It's free!



The application portal can TV, soon, be prohibited from time. But still, others appear to continue the same idea to facilitate the access to the information that is already on the internet everywhere even. What should give chills to the spine of the owners of the cable is, one of these days, appear content with subtitles and HD quality for free and who will want to pay for signature?

For while the series and movies have no caption and the quality is only reasonable, But if you want to test your English or not has nothing to do can have fun by following the links below to the official page of the program, to the SLIDEME alternative applications and market to the fanpage on facebook TV application portal:

Official website of TV portal –

Alternative applications for Android market –

Fanpage on Facebook –

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