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Blitzwolf selfie wired bar 90 cm

My dear Banggood sponsor sent me this selfie bar with BlitzWolf wire to make a review. At the beginning, I was thinking about being a nonsense whereas recently did review a drive-bluetooth. But I was not disappointed with ...

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2 x lenses for Hero 3 and 3+

Following the string of posts on GoPro accessories, meet the a 2 x lens with adapter ready to be adapted to the famous camera. Comes in a cute little bag. Inside the bag we have the lens and an adapter. Below the lens: ...

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GoPro cameras invade the Chinese market

Who doesn't want one of those GoPro cameras, the fashion of the moment? The original camera, It costs around 250 U.S. dollars, is robust and can be mounted on cars, motorcycles, Helmets and other claims. Comes with a waterproof case ...

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Bag for GoPro camera accessories

Who have camera GoPro should know that the coolest are the accessories. Numerous methods of holding the camera in various locations and record videos in sports, motoring and other. To save all the paraphernalia that comes with the camera, ...

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