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LCD BACPAC original with GoPro TouchScreen ALCDB-304

After searching a lot for LCD screens in Chinese websites, finish finding cheaper to buy here in Brazil. In DX there are many accessories for GoPro cameras, but the LCD here in EBay It ended up being cheaper and original!


Besides the LCD screen, compatible with any Hero 3 or 4, also these three back covers. When you put the camera LCD is a little thicker, and requires a greater. Are three because that is not waterproof, a waterproof with 3 m and 40 m.


The LCD screen comes within this protective packaging.


The screen communicates with the camera for this connector.


Has serial number and everything. Is original GoPro. I'd buy the generic without problems, but found version with touchscreen.


The LCD screen has this power button and an audio output.


To connect to the camera just press against the back. Easy.


See how is GoPro with LCD screen. It's still less than a common camera, but is too thick. For the price of GoPro, well who the manufacturer might include a factory LCD.


The display has good resolution. You can take pictures directly, no need for a control WiFi or cell phone.


You can also view the photos that were taken.


There is also possibility of messing with the settings. All you can do on your phone.


If you press any of the normal buttons of GoPro, a menu appears on the LCD.


It is easier to alter the photo settings. With touchscreen.


The resolution is good, but lack the option of giving two-finger zoom, as in a mobile phone. For the price of GoPro, This is the least I expected.


See how it looks a picture in Wide view on LCD screen.


Mounted with the House the camera gets even bigger.


The touchscreen does not work if the camera was in some of the cases waterproof.


On waterproof House there's a button to access the on-off switch of the LCD.


Is a great product, original GoPro with good build quality. The touchscreen works perfectly and adapts naturally to the camera. I thought the set heats up a little, but nothing too. I leave below link to the product on eBay and Google shopping. If you are looking for other accessories for the GoPro, then you can search the same DX!

HTTPS:// = Alcdb-304&q = Alcdb-304

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