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Stand with four engines for Arduino (WITH VIDEO)

Once you have mounted the cart with two wheels kit for Arduino, made me want to buy another kit, that has four wheels and motors, In addition to two levels to get the Arduino, sensors and other stuff.


This stand is much bigger than the previous, at least some 50%. The wheels are the same.


Looks like cardboard, but it is actually a protective adhesive. The stand is made of transparent acrylic.


Comes with four engines and gearbox. The engines are going straight to the wheels.


In addition to the yellow engine, comes wires to start the engines, a support for batteries and several, several bolts with nuts. Has more nuts and bolts than necessary, exactly to attach sensors and additional boards.


There are screws:


The instructions are in Chinese, but I can understand perfectly with the design. The previous I had no difficulty.


Look at the video of the trolley in operation, assembled with a Arduino Uno, a Double H drivers card and a plate Bluetooth serial:

I like the cart, much bigger and heavier than the previous. Here I leave the link to this kit cart with four wheels:

This cart –

Another very similar –

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