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Arduino Uno MJduino R3 – the Arduino Chinese

I've talked several times about Arduino here on the site. It is a open source platform based on ATMEL processors that facilitates prototyping and electronic circuit design with microprocessors. There are several types of Arduin, This below is a Arduino UNO Chinese, a cheap imitation of the original Italian.

With the Arduino can be connected Diplays, touchscreen, temperature sensors, pressure, moisture, gravity, magnetic and other. You can do robots and stands, access Bluetooth and WiFi. To do this simply buy the numerous platelets compatible, known as shields.


Comes with cable and paddle. No manual, box or anything that increases the price. The only change, visually, is the ATMEL processor SMD version. In the original the processor socket has.


The Board has good quality of production. As good as the original.


Below is the original plate (left) and the pirate (right). Both very similar.


One of the few differences in usage is recognising as SERIAL port instead of ARDUINO UNO. Doesn't make any difference. All I've done so far has worked, Although still need to do more tests, because the Arduino is complex enough not to notice problems in few tests. I leave below link to this cheaper version and for a more expensive, that has the processor into the socket: = 472

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