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Cart with engines for projects with Arduino

When I was a student of course everybody was crazy about mounting a remote control car. The main problem, which prevented, It was the mechanical part. It's hard to get wheels, engines with reduction and make everything work right. Much more difficult for the electronics!

But now our problems are solved with this DIY stand especially for projects with Arduino. Comes with all the mechanical part is already ready to be assembled, you only have to worry about programming!

Anyone who wants to know more about Arduino read on this site!


The carcass of the trolley is made with a transparent plastic. Seems hard cardboard, but it's actually a sticker. Comes with a lot more holes than necessary, I believe to support mounting variations.


Now you can see better the adhesive placed not to scratch the transparent plastic.


The wheels are of great quality, with rubber soft and resistant. Are only two, because the idea is that the cart has powered wheels at the rear and at the front just a support, a mobile wheel like a shopping cart.


Below all the material for the Assembly, including wire for motors. Also a battery support, a screwdriver, In addition to all the screws and the front wheel.


The motors are very small, own to the Arduino and for use with batteries.


Below the detail of the full bag of screws for mounting:


Comes with ALL manual in CHINESE, but it sure can ride without too much difficulty.


I haven't rode, so I'm not sure if it works well. One thing is certain, will be much more easy to assemble this kit than having to fix engines and reductions here in Brazil. For only 50 you have real fun guaranteed! My idea is to put the Arduino and play with my shields Bluetooth and WiFi. I leave the link to the product:,984

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