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PlayBulb Candle Mipow Candle LED controlled by Bluetooth (WITH VIDEO)

Directly from china over a silly super fun: the candle PlayBulb Mipow. This is a Bluetooth-controlled LED lamp that imitates a candle.


The control is made via an application that you download directly from Play Store. Is also compatible with iPhone.


Comes in this little box great for a gift.


Inside the box we have the candle, a manual, instructions to change the chip and three-chip flavour.


This flavor chip is placed on the candle to leave a taste in the air. Not tested…


Here's the usage guide.


And the instructions to change the flavour chips.


To operate the candle needs three AA batteries.


There is the lamp.


On the inside we have the location for the aroma chip, at the bottom of the lamp, and a power button.


Lights in the color you want…


Now in cyan.


Before using the application, the first thing to do is to look for PLAYBULB CANDLE in the list of bluetooth devices, and pair with the cell phone.


When you open the application, the device to connect. You can control more than one candle at the same time with this application!


Has a lot of functions, effects and other nonsense, but basically you can choose the color of the candle remotely!


Look at the video I made showing the product!

May sound silly, and it really is. Fun and good price, is a great gift. You can also use the PlayBulb as support for a common candle, placing it upside down. I leave the link to the product:

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