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Mini to micro usb adapter

You have a bunch of mini cables-USB and few micro-USB. Solve this problem by buying a small adapter like this one below.
Mini-USB was the pattern of many years of Motorola phones and turned out to be also the pattern of most cellular connections and Chinese tablets. However, mini-usb connector is too large, no longer fits the thinner current devices. That's the reason why micro-USB became popular.
With this adapter you can reuse the cable with mini-USB connector to power newer devices with micro-USB. I always leave one in my vehicle charger for recharging in car devices micro or mini.
It comes with this plastic cord to secure the connector to the cable, so you can't lose the adapter.. It is very small, so, a good idea.
The only defect is that the plastic part of the adapter is VERY large. Some phones have covers with only a small opening to pass the connector and plastic part does not fit. However, It works on most of the devices I tried, not only to charge but also to transfer data to the PC.
I leave here the link to the adapter, I bought on DealExtreme:

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