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Firmware upgrade for the tablet V972 Wave

Upgrading firmware on tablets is usually complicated, but in the case of tablet V972 Wave It's not that wrapped. The coolest thing is that although the WAVE is a Chinese manufacturer, There are updates available often, even for the briefest possible Android 4.4 Kitkat.

Before starting the process remove the MicroSD card and back up any important information on device memory. The process formats the tablet erasing files, photos and documents. This site is not responsible for any damage caused to the device by following the process presented here.

To upgrade initially stop by the Forum ArcTablet that has several Android firmwares available for both the V972 and the V973, V872 and other. Have a read and learn about the process to not be surprised by any problem.

My tablet is a V972 Wave, but there are three different versions of the same with minor changes from firmware. Verify that you have a V972 V1, V2 or V3 by checking the serial number on the back of the equipment. For example, If the serial number is V972QAD1v1B09175 this is the version V1 and if the number is V972QAD3V2A01310 this is the version V2.

To start the installation process look for the newest firmware in Forum ArcTablet or on the website of the manufacturer Wave. I chose to install the firmware Forum ArcTablet in version 3.3.1, who is the youngest at the time I write this text. The firmware can be downloaded via links V1, V2 and V3, Depending on the version of your tablet.

Once downloaded the firmware you must download the PhoenixSuit, the software that will send data to the tablet. Below is the process of installing this software, that can be downloaded from this link, where there is also a tutorial to use. The facility is in Chinese, but just click on the button to “NEXT” on the bottom right that everything will be fine.

It may be that during the installation of the PhoenixSuit appear these Windows security warnings. Don't worry, this is normal.

Open the PhoenixSuit, Once installed, It may be that the software connects to the internet to download an update. I left upgrade to version V 1.0.8.

Then click on “Firmware” in the top menu, and then click “Image”. Point then the path to the file IMG (firmware) previously downloaded.

Only in this step must be connected the tablet. Turn off your V972, or shutdown or pressing power for more than 10s, then connect the USB cable to the computer. After that, connect the USB to the tablet while pressing the button “Home”, shown on the left in figure below. Once you've done this, still holding the button “Home”, give about of 10 seguindos touches the button “button” (right of the picture).

If all goes well the tablet will be in firmware update mode and the PhoenixSuit will show the message now asking about formatting. I always click “YES”, to format the slide, Although the software recommend “NO”.

Now is the time feared. Do not disconnect the device during firmware download. If something wrong happens and you have to, Press the power button for more than 10 seconds and repeat the procedure.

It didn't take long to download all firmware.

I obtained success of first, Although I have read that some people on the Forum had to repeat the procedure a few times. I used Windows 8 x 64 and during the installation of the firmware and, Maybe that's why, There were some strange USB hardware recognition they gave me some frights. But everything worked out in the end.

The first boot takes about 2 to 3 minutes, but the whole process worth it because the new firmware V 3.3.1 is quite fast and reliable.

I recommend enough to upgrade the firmware using the version of the community through the ArcTablet Forum, instead of the official website. This version removes the Chinese applications and also applies permissions Root. I always updated my V972 since I bought, and the improvement of performance with each update is really sensitive. The tablet was slow, battle in the old versions and today is reliable and fast as any Galaxy Note or even the Apple iPad. I leave below link to purchase tablet, highly recommended by TudoVemdaChina, for the leather Cape shown in pictures, to the ArcTablet Forum and to the Wave's official website:

Tablet in DealExtreme – http:///p/onda-v972-9-7-capacitive-screen-android-4-1-quad-core-tablet-w-2gb-rom-16gb-ram-black-silver-195260

Cover in DealExtreme – http:///p/protective-pu-leather-bag-case-for-onda-v972-tablet-pc-black-188071

Tablet in Banggood –

Banggood cover –

Tablet on PandaWill –

Cover on PandaWill –

ArcTablet Forum –

Official website of the wave –

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  1. Marcel Ogami Ferreira

    Warning for those who have the 32 GB, Download the v2, and think about downloading the kit kat now, PQ is still beta

    • First check the serial number to make sure if you have the version V1, V2 or V3 of the WAVE. I don't recommend the KitKat now for V972, is beta and pretty bad.

  2. Marcel Ogami Ferreira

    Guy, you have installed the kit kat? It would be a good review of this rom, I caught a wave hj so that 32 GB

    • Not installed no. I read the bad reviews this KitKat in wave and wouldn't even install.

  3. very good tip, Adriano… My V972_v2 Wave arrived yesterday and I was fighting a lot and routine applications direct as Chrome, Facebook and others stopped working… updated the firm of arctablet and my Wave turned into another.. well more fluid, running smooth all. Used Windows 7 x 64 to update and had no problem or scares during the upgrade. Congratulations for the site and hugs!

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