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Price comparator AllChinese

Tired of searching for Chinese products in a lot of different sites, I developed a system called AllChinese that searches across all sites automatically, compiling a list of the best and cheapest products at the end. The system was made ...

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Wide angle lens for mobile phones

If you have an iPhone then there are thousands of possible Chinese accessories. Difficult is to find something that is universal and adaptable to any cell phone, as is the case of this wide angle lens, inside this bag: In part ...

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Zopo ZP-998 octa-core 5.5 inches

With the arrival of the octa-core phones in the Chinese market, It's time to choose my next cell phone. After researching on Chinese news sites, I was very interested in the Zopo ZP-998. It is a touchscreen phone 5.5 inches, the ...

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Silicone case for the phone UMI X 2

The pain in the Chinese phones are there, generally, few cover options. If you have an S3/S4 Galaxy or an iPhone can buy any type of variation: covers like gameboy, cassette tapes and even ears. Unfortunately, for the ...

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