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Price comparator AllChinese

Tired of searching for Chinese products in a lot of different sites, I developed a system called AllChinese It searches in all sites automatically, compiling a list of the best and cheapest products at the end.

The system was done in PHP using CURL and HTML DOM. It took a few days to create the interface and can release to the public. An example of how search works is shown below, where I searched for UMI X 2, my current cell phone. The list with 30 products has all the accessories results (In addition to the phone itself) from shopping on DealExtreme, Banggood, Focalprice, Tinydeal, TomTop, BuyinCoins, Chinabuye and PandaWill.

There are errors and some problems. As I carry the result through a search made on the sites of the own shops, will not appear in the AllChinese a product that's not on the first page of results of the store. Below made the search for silicone case for iPhone returning 136 products in all 8 shops.

The AllChinese makes a strict filtering in search of Chinese sites. Even if some of the shops suggest products similar to those that the user searches, the AllChinese will show a result only when the product title have all words searched by the user. A search for LED lamps with E27 is shown below:

The site is still BETA and there is a maximum of 50 daily searches. So I are sure that everything is working normally I will release the unrestricted use of site. Follow the link below to test the system and leave in the comments what you think of the idea:

About Adriano

Professor, Engineer and buyer of products crazy China.


  1. Poxa thiago very good, You're taking this project to a more professional version?

    • I mean Adriano? The AllChinese is a tool I made for myself. Released on the internet wave only. There is no support of the sites involved. Maybe some day do something more professional. I need someone to do a good CSS design.

  2. Thiago Mandal

    great initiative, congratulations. I know only 3 sites that offer this type of service and the Allchinese comes to add.

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