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Zopo ZP-998 octa-core 5.5 inches

With the arrival of phones OCTA-core in Chinese market, It's time to choose my next cell phone. After researching on Chinese news sites, I was very interested in the Zopo ZP-998.

It is a touchscreen phone 5.5 inches, It seems that Gorilla Glass, with eight processor 1.7 GHz color. It also has 2 GB of RAM and a 14 M pixels. And all this for only $ 299!

On the back we have the 14 m Pixels camera with flash and auto-focus. The lens will also be modified in this camera to increase the depth of focus, IE, the distance, from the cellular lens, When two objects are still in focus being photographed at the same time.

As the ZP-998 is still a release, and so we can't be absolutely sure all your parameters. The Dialer shown below is consistent with an Android 4.2.1, as specified in the manufacturer's website.

According to the espeficicações of the Zopo, the ZP-998 will withstand all frequencies of 2 g and 3 g, In addition to HSPA . There is no certainty, but there are rumors that this will be the first Zopo phone with 4 g LTE.

On the website of the manufacturer we have several of these slides on “Feverish Performance”. With eight CPUs was exactly the expected.

The ZP-998 also bear a touchscreen system with the phone in standby. Making a “(C)” You can open the Dialer, a “And” for the browser, a “Z” for the Home and a “W” for the chat. I hope this is configurable, because the choice of the lyrics seem a little weird.

This is the slide from the manufacturer about the camera. The F/2.0 is the setting of the lens, that supposedly would allow a better focus.

About the AnTuTu benchmarking, I found tests with score next to 21ooo points, Although other sites point something at the 28000. It's a very good performance, near the Galaxy S4 and for about half the price.

I still have to wait a few weeks until the official launch of Zopo ZP-998, scheduled for January 2013. After confirm some specs, especially the Gorilla Glass and the 4 g, This phone will definitely be the considered stronger to replace my current UMI X 2. I let down the only links that I found about this release of Zopo:

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  1. Thiago priest



    Good morning, I bought one of these for my girlfriend in August 2014 is an excellent cell phone I bought even a spare battery because it uses too but now he simply unloads without use of 805 go to less than five in the early hours of the morning and this leaving him on the hand because he uses as one alarm clock.
    does anyone have an opinion of how to solve this problem?

    • Adriano

      Try checking in settings-> battery, What is the APP that is using up the battery. Google MAPS has this defect. There just uninstall. Maybe it's a battery problem…

  3. Ricardo Lima

    I am interested in buying this device, you've bought this model ? What do you think ?. How much should I pay more or less tax and which site it is recommended to buy it ?

    • I haven't bought. I'm not sure if I hope a little more to buy that comes with 4 g LTE. Already bought ZOPO Yes, It is certainly a better than average Chinese brand. Buy at Banggood, Dealextreme or PandaWill. The tax is 60% the value of the product, or sometimes less…

  4. Ricardo Lima

    I am interested in buying this device, you've bought this model ? What do you think ?. How much should I pay more or less tax and which site it is recommended to buy it ?

  5. jiake v8 , zopo 988, thl t100 , Newman k2s ,
    Hilive Hi16 or H9008 ?

  6. I have 02 mobile phones brand and are very good. recommend.

    • Gudivada Barbosa

      Diego, just a question. The GPS 2 Zopo phones that you have works fine? How much time on average to get the Fix in place open and how accurate(Accuracy) He gives average? I really want to change my Jiayu G3 GPS because it takes a lot to get the FIX and the accuracy is always around 20 meters. That's why I'm searching pretty. I thank any help.

      • Gudivada, I have the Android ZP900 4.1 and the GPS works fine, It's been a long time since I do not use because it is no longer with me. But I don't remember having problems.
        Now the ZP910 with Android 4.2 does not work the GPS. I researched the subject and this is some ZP910 incompatibility with this version of Android. Is there a possibility to fix, recompiling the kernel with some parameters. But due to the risks, I preferred to not run. I couldn't find a how-to of security to run without errors..
        I hope I helped. Hug!

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