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Tablet Teclast P80h 64 bit Quad Core Android 5.1 (WITH VIDEO)

Replacing my old tablet for car for a newer model, I found this fantastic tablet P80h the Teclast for only 60 and a few dollars in GearBest. Worked great, both the multimedia functions such as GPS.


Inside the box we just have the tablet and a microUSB cable. No source!


Oh! It also comes with manual, all in Chinese!


In the image below are the specs. But if you don't read Chinese, There goes:

CPU MTK8163 64 bit Quad Core 1.3 GHz
GPU Mali-T720
DISPLAY 8 inches 1280 x 800 WXGA IPS
Cameras 0.3 M pixels front and rear 2 m pixels
The Android 5.1
Bluetooth/WiFi/GPS Yes
Other Micro HMDI Output



Here is the tablet. Practically the whole frame is the screen, What makes fairly compact so as not to take up space in the car.


On the side we have the HDMI output, Micro USB, headphone and microSD card input. At the top the volume and power controls.


On the back of the white plastic is very hard and resistant.


Speaker detail.


It comes with a screen saver that can be removed.


There's the tablet after I uninstalled all the Chinese applications. It was very easy to put the care and cleaning. This is the initial Home, that looks pretty with the GoLauncher Ex. Detail to the status bar and navigation bar completely transparent, Android feature 5.1.


Remember settings Samsung models. There's WiFi support, GPS & Bluetooth.


Also has some MiraVision screen settings. Is that good?


3400mAh battery, throughout my initial use outside the food did not diminish nor 1%. Good sign.


There are GPS support but found AGPS settings or EPO. Still worked.


See the Android version: 5.1.


As I prefer to use the ilauncher, that copies the interface of iPad/iPhone, the tablet is much better.


There is the ilauncher. Oh! The background I found on the internet, because my car is a VolksWagen and I wanted to leave the most beautiful environment.


I tested the AnTuTu and the result is close to 32 k. Not bad for a tablet of 60 and few dollars.


Below the GPS test. I got the first FIX after a few 15 seconds. Whereas there is support for AGPS without cellular radio, logically, the FIX that was fast.


The Waze worked, but I had some installation problems. I had to reboot the tablet and then everything worked.


Google Maps worked first.


Support multi touch with 5 ringtones.


And there's also Google support Play.


Spotify is important for the car!


And NetFlix too!


Watch the video I made showing the tablet being using as GPS in a car VolksWagen Fox 2015:

In other words, is a tablet perfect for the car. Just buy one of these 4 g/WiFi adapters which carriers sell and will have a multimedia center better than any car. I leave the link to the GearBest:

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Adriano Moutinho
Professor of Electronics technician at CEFET-RJ, Telecommunications engineer, Master in computer science and a Ph.d. in Civil Engineering. In addition to crazy China products buyer.


  1. Good afternoon, I have a tablet but that Netflix does not work or the stick, will that can help me ???

  2. As it does to load it,since as it does not come with charger?

  3. did you do anything special to get Netflix to work? Does not playback on my P80h.

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