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Mini Digital 2 MHz Oscilloscope DS0 112 (WITH VIDEO)

With an oscilloscope you can analyze complex signals in both projects such as in maintenance. However, It's still an expensive device, and one option is this small digital oscilloscope DSO-112 to 2 MHz.


Comes with instructions in English for all functions.


It also comes with two end pieces with the mini-bnc connector on one side and the other alligator claws. I chose to buy the model without internal battery, that only works plugged into the source. In this case, came a connector if I ever buy a battery.


This is the oscilloscope. We have a test signal output (BNC left) a central button and a signal input (BNC right).


At the top we have a miniUSB connector used to connect to the source and charging the battery, in models with battery.


Below I connected an audio output of 2, 5 kHz to test.


Increasing the frequency to 20 kHz it is still possible to see the sign perfectly.


There are ways to measure the peak-to-peak voltage and frequency directly on screen.


See the video I made about the product:

I really enjoyed this oscilloscope. At least up to 1 MHz still managed to see the sign perfectly. Considering the price, is a great product. I leave below link to DealExtreme: screen-portable-2 MHz-oscilloscope-without-battery-389,066

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