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MAX RC radio controlled Robot

I bought another robot that walks for my electronic projects. My idea is to modify one to use an Arduino Uno and remotely control. This below, hasn't been exactly, but it is pretty cool and the part of radio control, Although not wanted, is very interesting considering how much it costs.


This is very beautiful, has a speaker on the back of the head and a remote.


There's the robot control side.


That's what I had spoken. He's not, exactly, just slide the wheels. There is a knee joint to make it look like you're walking. Is cool…


On the back we have the battery compartment. Are 4 AA on the robot and two AA BATTERIES in the remote control.


The remote control has five buttons. It gives the impression that we can put the robot forward, back, left and right. Right?


Although very handsome, the circuit does not allow walking around with the robot. Actually, pressing any of the buttons it plays a song, say something (in Chinese?) and take a walk.


Even so, considering the price, sounds pretty cool.


Will be great for my modifications!


I made a video for you to see the bullshit:

I liked the robot. If he'll buy more serve two or three to dance, fight or play a game. Haven't decided. I leave the link to the product purchased on Banggood:

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